The 2CV Crowdfund Project

Just yesterday, I put my 2CV up for sale, but it turns out people would rather pay me to keep it! I was staggered by the response as folk started offering money, parts or time out of the goodness of their own hearts. Wow.

EDIT: Running total – £1720! (as of 12th March 2016)

So, a plan has been hatched. I am going to attempt to crowdfund the restoration of my 2CV! Clearly, more people than just myself care about this car’s future, so here’s your opportunity to get involved.

Engine turned off, for the last time in how long?

You can help this 2CV live again!

You can donate right here, but I’d better explain what will happen with the money. It will be ringfenced and all funds will only be used in relation to this project. I will regularly update this blog with running totals and targets. In short:

  1. If £500 is raised, I will seek to get the bits of rot that need sorting out for the MOT replaced, with new metal welded in. This is a short-term fix which will focus on just what is needed for an MOT pass.
  2. If £2000 is raised, then substantially more work can be done, which will ensure this car’s long term future. We’re talking lots of new panels and a substantially overhauled bodyshell, with all of the rot replaced by solid metal. If 400 people donated a fiver, then this one is achievable, and would be an ideal solution.
  3. If, somehow, more than £2000 is raised, well it just gets better and better for Elly. More can be done to smarten the ol’ girl up. I’m initially only seeking funds to get her back on the road again, but if the total gets high enough, then I can sort out the rusty wings, doors and bumpers too. Not that she’ll ever be a show queen. That is not the intention!

Whichever option is chosen, the project will be fully documented, with regular updates appearing in the classic press, on my Blog and also on my YouTube channel. Should the project fail to reach the minimum £500, then contributors will be refunded and the project cancelled. The money will be spent on parts, materials and specialists’ time to make this happen, plus any directly associated costs – ie transport.

If we could get Elly back on the road for April, which marks 30 years since she hit the road for the first time, that would be absolutely fantastic. I can’t thank you enough for helping this car to live again. Expect a blog post on what this car means to me very shortly.

15 thoughts on “The 2CV Crowdfund Project

    • People are giving purely because they want to see the car saved it seems. They also seem to enjoy my writing and videos and some see it as a way to say thanks. I very much appreciate all contributions. As I say in my most recent post, I get paid (not very much) to write words for magazines. In effect, contributions are direct payment for my words without a magazine.

    • Payment has come in, so I guess you found it. For others, there’s a Donate page which you can get to via the link top right of the page.

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