I need to write

It’s fair to say I don’t write much on here any more. The main reason is time. The channel has gone from strength to strength, and while I find great joy in making the videos, they eat up a lot of time, especially when it comes to monitoring comments and dealing with the merchandise that has sprung up off the back of it. Especially when there are still day job requirements of editing two magazines to cope with…

In fact, the editing isn’t eating up that much time. I try to only shoot what I need, in a linear manner on one camera, so I can generally assemble a video in under an hour – sometimes under half an hour. I think ten minutes is my record…

Recording them is a strange business though, because I am a writer. You might assume, therefore, that my videos are carefully scripted and planned. Not a bit of it! Though, I think the skills I’ve used to make features happen over the years certainly come in useful. Whether writing or filming, there’s a certain amount of brain churn before you put finger to keyboard or record button. I think that’s one reason I’m sleeping so well at the moment. My brain is getting a pretty decent work out!

It certainly is this month, while I edit two magazines alongside each other. Yet, here I am at 2146hrs at night, typing words into my keyboard for no greater reason than I really, really need to. Typing still give me comfort, even when I’ve spent several days hard editing, which has included writing the best part of 4000 words myself this week. And it’s only Wednesday.

But, that’s the way it goes. This is a part of my brain shuffling through the detritus I hurl at it in terms of car facts, imagery and music. It all sort of tumbles around in there and occasionally my fingers feel the need to fly. The real skill of writing does not come from writing when the mood takes you, it comes from writing when it doesn’t take you – and that’s hard. Sheer panic tends to help there, which is perhaps why I need a deadline right on top of me to do my best.

I guess that’s probably enough waffle, but it is an opportunity to say hello to those who still follow this Blog. I’m sorry 2018 has been a rather quiet year on here, but appreciate your support nonetheless. Who knows. Maybe next year, I’ll actually start writing some interesting stuff on here once more. If that’s something you’d like to see, do let me know.

23 thoughts on “I need to write

  1. I thought you’d given this neck Ian – glad to see you haven’t!

    As much as I love YouTube (and having being subscribed to your channel since the beginning), there’s still a place for the written word, dotted with the odd photo.

    It could be my age, but sometimes I want to escape the fast moving imagery of todays multimedia world and just read stuff, in relative quite.

    Keep it up and get the boot sealed on that Skoda 😉

  2. Good morning – Thanks for this article. This blog is where I first came across you whilst looking for information on Perodua Nippa’s (I’m into the third year of ownership of my Malaysian built Daihatsu). I appreciate that that the Youtube vids – which I watch – give you more frequent and certainly more immediate feedback but sometimes I just like to read about the cars you have.

    I’ll gladly read any further articles but best wishes and continue with the motoring fun.

  3. I understand that work gets in the way,,but please keep up with the vlogs,,,I enjoy them immensly,,Nice too hear the truth about cars ( many ive owned and driven !! ) That for so long have been regarded as crap !! Power to your elbow sir.

  4. I enjoy your videos as well as your ‘waffle’.
    Even though you might feel that what you film is hap hazard at times that’s the appeal to me. None of the BS that other channels or even TV programmes need to put into their productions.
    My world of working on cars does sometimes mirror yours, trying to do a supposed simple job only for it to escalate into a nightmare that sees me just shut the garage door and walk away. It doesn’t always go smoothly and it’s good to actually see it happen as i know it’s part of owning classics.
    Keep up the brilliant work and all the best for 2019, looking forward to more Hub nut adventures.

  5. Hello Ian
    Must be cool to be a great wordsmith like yourself ,I’ve never been to clever with stuff like that.
    Liking the YouTube stuff , can’t wait to see more fox and crazy capers with it to like how many foxes fit in a fox ??
    What time scale has been given for the fox ?
    I drove a fox when i was a teen and can tell you this it sure was fun and vulnerable at the same time but also very handy for carrying fruit and veg ( used it on a round with a pal )
    What ever you do don’t change the format of your videos natural is best , its great to see Like myself if at first you don’t get things right hey ! Try it again .
    All the best to you , Mrs hunnut and George for Xmas and a very hubnut new year !

  6. Ian, I can’t find any other route to get in touch, but I see that I can leave my email address below, so I’ll try here…
    Keeping it brief… 1) Love your videos 2) Disappointed to find that I’ve caught up with ‘Fox news’, and am now awaiting the next episode 3) I’m now 62, but when I was younger, I had similar probs installing Sprite and Minor engines: I used to muddle along just like you! 4) You’re very lucky to have Mrs H to help, what a good girl: I can remember a wife and then a partner grizzling about brake bleeding! Easy job. 5) I used to be a maverick like you: I edited a motorsport website for years, until I had to give it up through ill health 6) I live near Hastings and have 2 spare bedrooms, so if you and Mrs H wanted a bed for the night, say on the way to Dover, you’re always welcome.
    Keep up the fascinating work – and tidy that garage man!
    Malcolm Cracknell

  7. Hi Ian, Just for general interest, i have lived in Australia since 1975, grew up in Thundersley Essex, used to walk past the Greeves factory every day going to school, often saw the Invacars being loaded for delivery, enjoy your channel, love the way you get excited about vehicles most people would consider a load of crap.
    Best regards Richard

  8. Ian what a fabulous job you are doing .Thank you Thank you for featuring my all time favourite motor the Rover 800 I love them they just look so damn good .Ive owned every variant there was and the mk 1 sterling and 820 hatch are my favourite drivers .Nothing bad to say about them like any car good servicing is key .Thank you again from an ardent viewer Charles Henzell …

  9. Hi Ian
    Loving your videos spotlighting the obscure and conditionally challenged. Your enthusiasm and talent radiate. Surely it can’t be much longer before you have a tv show

    Proud to call myself a hubnutter

      • No way such a quick response. It’s good to see you value your fans. Go on
        Give all of us a clue on your next automotive escapade. Expecting nothing but the best. Right, enough from me

      • It’s only because I’ve given myself a day off from social media and the YouTube comments! Don’t get many comments on here, so appreciate you stopping by (though I’m stepping away from the laptop now!). Plenty of adventures to come, of various types. Some of them may even involved fixing the cars I already own…

  10. I’ve just watched all the Invacar videos on Youtube and totally LOVE them! Being a committee member of the Daf Club I’m fascinated by the similarities (ahem!) between Dafs and the Invacar; belt drive and a centrifugal clutch, to name but two. In the (probably rare!) event that you need some Daf related help, please get in touch! The problem you had in removing the carburettor from the manifold is identical to removing the carb from a Daf 33….. but there is a trick……

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