About HubNut

HubNut (previously ClassicHub) is the home of motoring writer Ian Seabrook, though the focus these days is on his  videos. Videos often of dreadful cars.

As well as being a blogger, videographer and classic car expert, Ian Seabrook edits Retro Japanese and Classic Jaguar magazines and his writing work has been published in Practical Classics, Classic Car Weekly, Classic Car Mart, Classic Car Buyer, MG Enthusiast, Triumph World, 4×4 Magazine, Classics Monthly, Car Mechanics and Classic and Sports Car. That somehow isn’t enough and so he occasionally feels the need to refer to himself in third person.

Checking Elly over after a very hard climb in Switzerland.

Checking Elly over after a very hard climb in Switzerland.

Ian owns a 1986 Citroën 2CV called Elly and other cars come and go on a regular basis. He has previously owned cars including a 1955 Austin A90 Westminster, a 1967 Bond Equipe GT4s with a Vitesse engine that he saved from the scrappage scheme (which cost him a lot of money), a 1970 Rover 3500 P6B in gorgeous Tobacco Leaf, a 1975 Reliant Scimitar, loads of Citroën BXs, a Citroën H van that he drove to Sweden and then sold because his hearing had been ruined, a poo brown Vanden Plas Princess of the Allegro shape that he failed to make roadworthy (more due to his life being to busy at the time rather than any failing of this clearly brilliant car) and an Alfa Romeo 164 V6 that still makes him teary when he recalls the wondrous exhaust note. Ahhhhh…

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52 thoughts on “About HubNut

      • Hey Ian, you may remember me from 2CV and friends. I have been asking about our old Dolly in Plumbs and Custard, the reg is E703HES and it doesn’t have a sorn but the MOT and Tax hasn’t been updated in seven years. If you live in Birmingham then I was wondering if you had seen it around anywhere? In a garage maybe or just sitting somewhere. If you see it or hear anything of it then please do tell me as it means the world to me and I plan to buy it back some day.

      • Hi Ian, ok fair enough, if you ever do see it, please let me know, you can either contact me by this website or on 2CV and Friends. Thank you.

  1. Hi Ian, Just came across your interesting blog after searching for Daihatsu Sirion info on the larger net – in particular to do with dodgy fuel filler pipes.

    To cut to the chase my parents in their late 60s early 70s have had their T reg Sirion 3 cylinder auto for over 10 years now and love it to bits. Sadly having spent a few quid on welding at the last MOT they’ve been advised the fuel filler pipe’s on its way out too.

    They’re loathed to get rid of it as it owes them nothing and suits their needs perfectly. But with Daihatsu pulling out of the UK the nearest sourceable pipe is coming in at £150 plus vat (ouch)!

    Then I read your comments re PANDA motors and it seemed interesting to say the least.

    Funny thing is, my ma and pa will be near Swansea in the near future for a weeks holiday, so I wondered if you could elaborate on what happened with you e.g. did you just ring and ask for parts or was it the service department you spoke with?
    Did they seem to know about a pre-existing issue (I can’t find a recall note on the VOSA website to this effect).
    Did you get a name for the person you dealt with etc etc?

    Any info will be greatly received before I give them a bell as who knows, they might be able to help my mom and dad too (even if it were just shaving a few quid off the part price).

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work – I think I’ll be visiting your blog regularly as we seem to share a passion for bangers :o)

    All the best


    • Hi Geoff. I just spoke to the folk in the parts department, though it’s worth asking if they can replace it under Recall. I just asked for a quote for a new pipe but they found the recall notice. Sad to say that rot finally got the better of mine – rear arches, sills and chassis rails at the rear.

      • Hi Ian, thanks for the speedy reply. I’ll give them a call later then and say a friend had a similar issue and they got it fixed under recall :o)

        I bet you were sad to see her go! My mom and dad keep drip feeding money on theirs, but I think when it gets to the £500 mark, it will be farewell. Sad, as it’s only done 60k and it being a merc engine and all that, it should do double that at least.

        I’ll let you know how I get on.



  2. Hi Ian, further to our Sirion chat above, just to let you know my mom and dad got their fuel filler pipe changed for free under the recall you mentioned!
    Many thanks for your info re this as if it weren’t for you and the helpful folk at Panda motors, they’d be in the region of £300 plus vat out of pocket by now and that’s a lot of money to them (and most people I’d suspect).

    Power of the post eh?!

    One final thing, if you’re flogging the Rover and you’ve got new Uniroyal Rainsport’s on there – given the amount of cars you appear to get through, I’d think about taking them off and replacing them with some bargain basement one’s. I’m on my second set of RS2s having had my Mk 1 Leon FR tdi from new and having tried all the premium brands I can tell you they are far and away, the best combo of grip and wear when considering the predominantly damp weather we endure here in the UK. Incredible tyres.

    I could waffle on about them for half an hour but will spare you the pain!

    Many thanks again


    • I paid £1700 and sold it for about the same I think. That was a few years ago – values have risen a bit since then annoyingly, but they’re still great value. SE6 is a bit cheaper.

  3. Finally a place that reviews the cack cars we have either owned or secretly want. I love this type of journalistic approach to the dull and ugly ducklings of the automotive mediocre. Long may it cntinue 😁👌

  4. Hi Ian, I discovered Hubnut about two months and I love it! My particular fetish is old cars so what you do is right up my street. I found you because I saw a picture of an Invacar on eBay and did a Google search to see what had happened to them and Voila! there you were…keep up the good work and I look forward to twk making it to the open road!

  5. Hi Ian, i’m ex britpat now living in iowa, usa, loveing your vids, i’m now 51 and up untill i left the uk in 2000 i haden’t seen an inverlidity car on the road since i was 15 or 16 i think, so to see you driving little tuc is a blast from the past to me and i’m sure it is to other old farts like me, keep up the exelent work and i’ll be ordering some of your window stickers very shortly, keep us informed if you do any other merch, what i’d love to see is t-shirts with you hub nut logo on the breast and a large print of tuc on the back with tuck’s name either below or above and the same thing with elly, just an idea for you, cheers Ian looking forward to the next video

  6. hi Ian. Sent you a few dollars to help out with Tuk. Love your videos and comments! I really like the cars that are different. Look forward to seeing more. Ray from Canada.

  7. Hi Ian,
    I’m the owner of a Barkas B1000 pick up. You commented on it in your NEC restoration show video. As your thinking of buying an unusual vehicle on your trip to Bulgaria why not consider a Barkas they’re easy to work on and spares are readily available and quite cheap. I think they are a good investment at the moment and a quarter of the price of the similar (but ugly VW vans) (imho). Also you could load it up with stuff to bring back.
    Just a thought, we need more Barkii here.
    Best regards,

    • Hi David
      A very good shout. I’m very keen on the Barkas. Alas, I’ve opted for something with a delicious, Communist flavour, but an abundance of strokes. That said, I’m very keen (at the moment!) to repeat the trip. Let’s see how this first one goes…

  8. Loving all the content on YouTube ,retro Japanese on pocketmagazine and mg enthusiast also practical classic as you can see. I’m addict of cars but just ordered hubnut sticker in wife’s name and not mine oops😀🎩

  9. all things Hubnut champion the unloved motors of the past and feed my latent thirst for things like a base model Peugeot 205 test or how (not) to get home in your motorised £4 lottery win in one go. All in all what’s not to like?

  10. Squealing Variator Pulley on TWC.
    Hi Ian,
    try sending these guys an email in New Zealand, they are the suppliers of these drives for many modern applications and will certainly be able to help you. info@cvt.co.nz They are specialists in this field!!

  11. I’m loving your youtube channel Ian which steered me here, fantastic stuff. I was considering one of your Hubnut window stickers but figured it was tempting fate, I drive a 1961 austin gipsy, a model notorious for it’s nearside wheels trying to overtake the rest of the car. A triumph of underengineering !
    Great to see you hurtling along in that Invacar as well, I suspect my destiny lies on three wheels.

  12. Ian I think men of a certain age do not suit long hair and I think it is time for you to have a short haircut and shave, I am sure your wife will help you with some hair clippers.
    In fact if you put us up for a few nights I could bring my own hair cutting gear and cut your hair for you.
    It would make an excellent video !

  13. Just started watching your Youtube channel and have quickly become addicted. the fascination with all things unremarkable has recently hit me after turning 50 last year. My nostalgia gene must have been activated.

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