Project 2CV: Stripped!

Tinkering time has been of a premium of late. After a successful Tuesday, I only managed a couple of hours of tinkering on Friday. However, I managed to crack on quite significantly today. Real progress!

Friday saw me strip out the seatbelts, seats and seat runners. Quite a horrifying experience, as the seat runners pretty much pulled out of the floor…

2CV corrosion

Eek! The seat runner bolts down here.

It’s hard to comprehend how bad things have got, though I was reminded that the 2CV had an advisory of ‘body corroded all over’ back in 2011…

A lot of areas were no surprise at all. Well, I say that. I knew they were bad, but even the bad areas held a few shocks. After removing the rubber strip above the windscreen that seals the hood, I found this.

Yikes! Paint pretty much just flaked off under finger pressure.

Yikes! Paint pretty much just flaked off under finger pressure.

Ok. This was getting a bit scary. Fortunately, Alan Rogers, who will be welding it up, seems pretty much undaunted so far.

On to today, and the main thing to do was continue stripping the bodyshell while it’s at a convenient height. So, off with the dashboard, out with the wiring loom and then to small matters such as the rear wings, exhaust and brake lines. Soon enough, I had a very stripped 2CV.

2cv body

Stripped! And ready for lift off.

I then set about undoing the bolts that hold the body to the chassis. Apart from one outrigger, where it just fell off and left the body unattached anyway…

I did a test lift at each corner, and it was soon free. It really is just sitting on the chassis now, ready to go. My next problem is finding time to transport the body up to Alan Rogers so he can employ his restoration expertise. I’ve very nearly got the wheels sorted for the trailer, and even greased up the bearings and fitted a new tow hitch. One bearing seems a little grumbly. I hope it’ll be ok…

The restoration fund currently stands at £1206, so thanks to all who’ve donated so far. I’ve had one seatbox repair panel as a donation too. It’s quite remarkable how much you folk seem to care – I even met complete strangers at the Practical Classics Restoration and Classic Car Show at the NEC yesterday who were following with interest! Remarkable. It sounds like a lot of money, but I know how swiftly restoration can eat into a budget like this. Times will be tough! Progress has been very exciting though – I’m truly grateful.

Here’s another shot from happier times!

There's nothing like a roadtrip!

Oooh la laaa! Elly was in fine fettle back in 2007.

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