French Holiday Spots – August 2016

I’m having a marvellous time here in France. I’ll do a full report on the Rover’s progress when I get home, but suffice to say that the air conditioning is working beautifully – which is good, as it has got rather warm here! Lovely.

I’ve been out spotting too, with trips to Argentan and Falaise today, where the spotting was on very good form. I’ve pulled out the highlights below. Hope you enjoy them. I certainly did!

Before I depart, I’ll just remind you to have a nose at my YouTube channel. Eventually, there will be a report on the Rover in video form.

Event: 2CVGB Registers’ Day

I missed the 2014 running of this event due to a magnificent lack of funds, having not missed one (as far as I can recall) since 1997. Registers’ Day is the annual show and shine event for The Deux Chevaux Club of Great Britain, one of two annual shows the club holds, but the only one with a traditional ‘show’ element. Cars gather under the various registers within the club – old cars, 1970s (Drum brake), 1980s (disc brake) as well as Dyane, Ami, Bijou, Mehari and Van. There’s a category for vastly modified machines – the ModCons – and H Vans attend as honorary 2CVs. This seems entirely based on the fact that they share headlamps and indicators.

It’s a very laid back event, with none of the stuffiness that can invade some shows. The voting is done entirely by attendees of the show. There are no officious judges and the cars that catch most eyes tend to win. Over the years, people have arrived over the weekend (as we did) so you can spend the Saturday relaxing with like-minded friends – such as Will Waldron and Joey Cawser who own these delicious, beige 1970s 2CVs.

Citroen 2CV beige 1970s seventies

It really is the perfect place to unwind after a busy week.

2CV ripple old early

I have to remember at these events, that the gatherings of such rare cars are actually quite remarkable to the untrained eye. After all, seeing just one Citroen Ami out in the wild is quite extraordinary. To see a huge line up (around 20) is quite remarkable!

Citroen Ami 6 Ami 8 Ami Super many!

At the end of the Sunday, prizes are awarded and the cars that came first and second gather in the ring. What a truly beautiful selection.

2CV family

To get to this event required a lot of driving. Seven hours on the Friday (due to traffic) and five hours even in the lighter conditions of Sunday (including a food stop). Fortunately, the XM acquitted itself well and clocked up another 500 miles without any trouble. I may have been sad to leave my own 2CV at home, but the XM certainly is smooth and peaceful! Can I get my 2CV restored in time for the 2016 Registers’ Day? Time will tell…

Citroen XM at 2CV meet