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If you’re looking for a new way to support HubNut, our new Patreon page might be the answer. Click here to be whisked straight to it. We won’t hide any content behind a paywall, it’s just another way for you to support HubNut.

Another way is to visit our STORE where goodies await, from stickers to hoodies with plenty of T-Shirts and mugs along the way. We can deliver pretty much anywhere in the world.

Your support helps keep us going, producing distinctly average videos on distinctly average vehicles. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “HubNut: Now on Patreon!

  1. Discovered you here in Languedoc scanning Youtube, with 38 heatwave. Retired from Uk, dual nationality since 2017. Age dictates I avoid sun just now. Have really enjoyed several videos . Owned several 2CVs and other Citroens in UK. My first car in 1967 an LHD Simca Ariane Miramas1961. Superbly comfortable, French Ford body engined with Simca 1290cc Rush Super engine. Missed even now, see one locally at times. Far better than my worst buy, a Vel Satis. Should have been sold engineless as a garden conservatory, noted your review. As for the VW at 130000GBP I will stick to my 2014 VW UP! Blue Motion C U P 60 bought last year. Interested by your very fair informative reviewing style, including some BL models rubbished by certain negative reviews. I worked at Longbridge briefly in the sixties, and they did have problems but so did others. Otherwise I worked in tourism and education. Not being mechanical I would not risk a classic 2CV now, and newly produced from Cassis which I once visited are beyond my budget. Thanks for sraring your enthusiasm and enjoy Croatia.

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