Three cars for sale! 2CV must go

So, I have to admit that the plan to sell the Honda and/or XM isn’t going very well. Both of them are still here. Worse, I really am becoming very fond of the Honda…

Citroen 2CV dolly

She can’t stay in a friend’s garage forever…

So, in a bad to stave off financial ruin, I’ve decided to add my 2CV to the ‘everything must go’ pot. This is not a decision I’ve taken lightly, as no other car has ever remained part of my life for so long – 15 and a half years.

I’ve restored the 2CV before of course, but that was back when I had money. Working in IT project management certainly had its advantages, and affording to run a Rover P6B V8 as a daily driver and to get my 2CV restored are two such benefits. They never seem to mention that on the job description.

Things are rather different these days, as I work to the well established role of ‘penniless writer.’ It’s very enjoyable, but money is tight, in a way which means I’ll never be able to afford the £4000 or so it could very easily cost to get Elly sorted out. It’s a huge some of money to me, far more than I’ve spent on a car in a very long time. Well, since her first restoration was completed ten years ago in fact.

It just isn’t going to happen, so I must concede that she’s probably better off in someone else’s hands. I haven’t even seen the 2CV since September, and I must concede that my life hasn’t come crashing down into a world of pain without her. Life goes on and I still have a bunch of very happy memories. That will never change.

As the 2CV approaches her 30th birthday though, it really is time for her to find someone new. If you’re interested, do get in touch. Mechanically, she’s bob on.

2 thoughts on “Three cars for sale! 2CV must go

  1. I have watched your own video ‘Exploring my passion for the Citroen 2CV’ again and cannot honestly understand your decision to sell. You even said in the video it was a car you ‘couldn’t sell’. I remember over 20 years ago seeing a used 2CV on the forecourt at a local garage. Same colours as yours. It was a lovely summers day and I thought long and hard about buying it. I had been recently married and was driving around in a boring old Ford Escort. I still regret not buying that immaculate F reg ‘Dolly’ for only £1995. Now I feel the chance has passed me by, there are so few good ones left. If I were you I’d keep it in the hope you will be in a position to restore it in the future. Must be heart-breaking to see her go.

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