A practical classic

I don’t really get sports cars. I’ve tried owning one or two but I get fed up with having to clamber down into them and they’re not very practical. My Scimitar wasn’t bad – you could actually get quite a bit of stuff in the back – but the boot floor was quite high, so you just ended up removing any rear vision. It wasn’t very economical either, though it did sound rather lovely.

The BX is many things, most of them good. I’ve waffled on about how good it is before, but it really is. I love having a car that’s good to drive but also slightly quirky, very economical and massively practical. I will concede though that turbo whistle aside, it’s hardly a joy to listen to. Thankfully the engine becomes quite smooth at speed.

citroen bx hatchback diesel with load

Self-levelling suspension is excellent!

Being able to chuck a couple of hundred kg of timber in the back is great. Especially as the car just self-levels, automatically boosting rear brake effort to compensate for the extra weight. The turbocharger makes light work of the extra load and while I could feel the weight when cornering, it doesn’t feel unstable.

The only downside is that the back of the car is now full of sawdust and the outside is covered in winter filth. I can’t put off a good spring clean much longer. Let’s hope the weather warms up a bit…

What are your thoughts? Do share them!

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