Show Attendance in 2019

A few people have asked where HubNut will appear in 2019. This will be a constantly-evolving list of events around Europe.



12 October

Vale of Rheidol Railway – 10am Aberystwyth end, then 11:30 Devil’s Bridge. Merchandise available in Devil’s Bridge.


13 October

Internal Fire Museum of Power
Running day at the museum. HubNut will be there from 10:30am until early afternoon. NO MERCHANDISE

If attending either or both days, please email for planning purposes.

4 thoughts on “Show Attendance in 2019

  1. Hi Ian,
    Been watching various videos on you tube. Sounds like a great time you have with all these different cars. Must be quite expensive though, what with having to mot, insure and re-tax them and sort out various issues with them! Was just wondering if you have any events coming up in East Anglia at all? All the best! Ashley.

  2. Good day to you Ian. Looks like you’ve a slate of entertaining events to bob around to this summer. I’ll be hitting a number here in the US myself from swap meets at Carlisle, PA to Monterey Car Week. Applause for your YouTube efforts. The amiable, generally unpretentious repertoire of vehicles you present is fun and often a reminder of the delights of simple functionality. Except when they’re falling apart around you of course.
    I do a bit of writing and YouTube-ing myself. It’s a grind but I don’t know if anything else would bring me as much enjoyment.
    A quick thought on your test drive of the Vauxhall Viva – I’ve never had the pleasure of driving one though I have wheeled quite a few vintage cars which brings me to your observations re the Chevrolet Chevette. I recall driving one in the late 1980s and thinking it was decidedly, “meh”.
    Shortly thereafter, I had the chance to drive its minimally more up-market US stablemate, the Pontiac T1000 (obviously there were a flock of rebadged T-cars around the world). The Pontiac (with 1.6 liters of valve noise) over-promised and under-delivered but had one feature that stands out to this day. Thanks to its light weight, scooter-worthy tire/wheel combo and a viciously enthusiastic power steering pump, it had the lightest power steering I’ve ever experienced.
    You could take a bend by blowing on it. Heaven help the un-attentive. Still, it was memorable.
    Keep at it and I hope yours is a pleasant Thursday,

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