Mercedes – all better

It was a pretty risky gamble buying a misfiring Mercedes and driving it 150 miles home in the hope it was nothing major. And so it would seem. New plugs and leads and a tweak of the idle mixture have combined to make the car a totally different machine to drive. No longer are roundabouts a terrifying experience – will it accelerate or won’t it?

I’ve no way of knowing whether the problem was the plugs or the leads – but I suspect both were equally blameworthy.

Can you guess which is the old plug?

Certainly the plugs were not exactly fresh, and the leads ended up very broken after my embattled attempts to remove them.

It leaves me in hope that my time with this car will go well now. I love the silky-smooth six-cylinder engine and the way it growls when provoked, but is otherwise turbine-like. I enjoy the peace and quiet, the soft ride and the comfortable seats. Sure, it has quite a thirst – though I’m yet to discover just how bad – but I don’t plan to drive it that often. I’m going to drive it tomorrow though. And perhaps the day after. And Sunday might be a nice day for a drive…

Mercedes W124 1990

Not the first car I considered buying, but not a bad choice at all


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