Mercedes bleedin’ Benz and Orange

Ugh. It has to be said that the Mercedes-Benz 300E is not exactly filling me with joy. I hate it when the joy of a new car evaporates so willingly. 

And it’s not just cars. After two and a half years, I thought I decided I must be due a mobile phone upgrade. Surely technology has moved on since I first got my BlackBerry? So, I ordered a new BlackBerry for absolutely no charge. In fact, I had my package boosted with goodies. Worth doing then. Especially as Orange are buying back my old phone for pretty much a month’s bill. 

So, the new phone arrives and I spend ages faffing about setting the thing up, during a really quite stupidly busy day. This means that before long, in the middle of my busy day, I’ve changed to a different phone and while most things are in similar places, there are enough differences to just get on your nerves. Also, two conversations went horribly garbled. This doesn’t bode well. Perhaps I won’t send the old phone off just yet…

All-in-all, the romance and joy of getting a new phone soon evaporated. At the end of the day, I just had a slightly slimmer phone that was still a phone and which still spends most of its time sitting around doing nothing.

So it is with the Merc. I dreamed of reliable motoring, a silky smooth engine and build quality to shame a pyramid. What I currently have is a car that doesn’t run, a misfiring engine when it goes and the headlamp switch came off in my hand the other day. That just doesn’t happen with pyramids.

I’m sure it’ll come good. Buying any sub-grand car is going to lead to trouble and an inevitable fettling session. I know that. The BX needed plenty of fettling when I got it. So why do I forget it every time I start looking for a new car?

Sorry for the lack of pictures. I’m too grumpy.

2 thoughts on “Mercedes bleedin’ Benz and Orange

  1. W124 Mercs are one of my favourite ways of getting about and the 3Ltr 12v my favourite engine. I have owned a coupe, Estate, convertible and saloon. I have had owned two 3 Ltr 12v, 3 Ltr 24v and a 320 and driven other 4 cylinder cars and like them all. Just work though the teething problems and you will end up with a very comfortable car that will make leaving your comfortable home fire to drive hundred of miles on a dark wet night tolerable. A 300E is never exciting but a good friend who always helps you along. Chris

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