HubNut Videos – latest additions

It’s been a busy time on the HubNut video channel, so let me give you a quick run down of the latest videos.

Firstly, there’s the one where I went greenlaning in my RAV4. It didn’t go quite as easily as I’d hoped…

Then the roadtrips begin! In order of trips covered, I’ll start with the Jaguar XJS that I borrowed from Kelsey Media. It was ideal while I hurtled 1800 miles around the country on Classic Jaguar magazine business. The economy was far better than expected too! Oh, but off-roading that didn’t go well either. I really should be more careful…

Then we get into roadtrips with purchasing involved. With Retro Japanese magazine being the other title I currently edit, I decided to get something retro and, well, Japanese. That saw me clock up 500 miles in the first few days after purchase. How did it get on?

I was forced to concede that the Colt was not the ideal roadtrip machine, though it had plenty of charm. So, six days before going on holiday, I bought another car! Bring on the French roadtrip and more than double the mileage in a car which cost me even less to buy. Brilliant!

Finally, there’s an experimental video in which I discuss my favourite shots from the Retro Rides Gathering 2016 at Shelsley Walsh hillclimb. There are some interesting motors here for sure!

I hope you enjoyed those. More videos will be appearing before too long. Hopefully.

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