Mitsubishi Mission – the first big drive

Having collected my new 1987 Mitsubishi Colt, I then drove down to Sussex, to spend a very pleasant night with family.

That first drive was quite frustrating at first, and it was over an hour before I could achieve more than 40mph. I had achieve lot of miles to cover in this car. What would it be like at speed?
First of all, I had to find fuel. The gauge doesn’t work, so I only had a vague idea about how much fuel was on board. Probably not much. 

I was a bit surprised therefore when the pump clicked off straight away. I changed therefore the pump angle again. Same issue. Eventually, I managed to get fuel in, but only by aiming the nozzle at the filler and keeping the flow rate low. I reckon I got about 20 litres in. I suspect the filler neck breather is not working. Given the lack of sender about general whiff of fuel, I fear there is work to do here.

Anyway, I reached the M23 eventually, and could finally do 70mph! It is surprisingly peaceful at speed, which is impressive given that the engine is doing 4000rpm. 

It tracks straight and true though, and the ride is pretty comfortable. It certainly isn’t a quick car though. First gear can be quite perky, but is very much ambles up to speed after that. It’s quite relaxing really, and is fine. This isn’t a car to hoon in. The assisted steering is low on feel, and body control is pretty poor.

It’s so easy to drive though. It isn’t even slightly challenging. That’s good, because having now driven to Portsmouth for the second photo shoot of the day, I now had to hot foot it up to Donington for the Fast Car Festival. That alone was any trip of over 160 miles. 

And the car coped fine. Hour after hour, it just kept going and refused to complain. Unlike the driver. I was feeling tired by Birmingham, and the lack of seat support was causing issues. 

Overall though, I’m very happy. Cheap and very capable motoring. I’m now at the Fast Car Festival, where the Colt has been rubbing shoulders with a car worth about two million pounds more! And it doesn’t even have a rear wiper. Colt wins.

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