Mitsubishi Mission – London

In all my excitement earlier, I utterly failed to mention my experiences in that there London. Really, it was just me struggling with technology.

I downloaded an app, as recommended by a friend. It is called Citymapper and promises to be everything you need when encountering public transport in a place where there is more than one bus a week.

I managed to find my way to the bus station and waited for an appropriate bus.

The above is not an appropriate bus, but it was the first of these new Routemasters that I’ve seen. It is a very striking design. Eventually, as bus arrived with the appropriate number on it. I jumped aboard, waved my wallet at the contactless point and tried not to look like a clueless tourist. I may have failed in this.

Locals were notably not carrying tents and sleeping bags.

But there was a problem. The first stop did not tally with the app. Nor did the second. By the third, the conclusion was inescapable. I was on the right bus, but heading the wrong way…

I leapt off, via the rear door nowhere near a bus stop, and encouraged the app to try again. Second time lucky. It must be said, these new buses are smooth, quiet and very easy to get on and off. I like them.

After tea with a friend, I caught one more bus to Victoria, used my magic wallet to access the next train, found it waiting and ready to go and caught a rarity. A Southern rail service that was on time!

And that brings us up to date. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s mileage-fest. Southampton and Notts here I come! 

What are your thoughts? Do share them!

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