Mitsu Mission – Home!

After a second enjoyable day at the Fast Car Festival, it was finally time to head home. The Colt chirped briskly into life, perhaps keen to get away from all the powerful cars with which it had been rubbing shoulders. 

Roadworks made getting to my first destination in Birmingham a right royal faff, matching the experience of coaxing another 30 litres of fuel into the car. Did that fill the tank after the 20 I’d put in the day before? I’ve no idea. It did make the car stink of petrol again. Sorting this out therefore has to be a priority. Something is quite wrong.

I was in Birmingham to collect my friend Julian, so he could reclaim the loaned Puma from my driveway. This also meant I could enjoy a passenger ride in my new steed while Julian sampled the mighty Mitsu for himself. I got to take photos of a nice Porsche 356 on the M54.

 I regained the wheel from Shrewsbury, and between us, we coaxed the Colt home in pretty good time.

My new steed had proved absolutely superb for the trip, though the seats aren’t great. My back is a little sore, but then I have already covered over 500 miles in this little, cheap old banger. Not bad for four days of ownership! Sure, this is not a great car, but it is very worthy. I have no idea why I bought it really, but I have enjoyed this trip very much. However, I suspect this car will not be hanging around all that long. Mission accomplished? 

2 thoughts on “Mitsu Mission – Home!

  1. Where the hell do you find all these bangers? You really do get some cracking cars. Guess I could do with your tips as I’m looking for a Japanese car (banger) sub £400 to work on

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