Videos: More on the way!

I’ve got plenty of videos in production at the moment, but getting them from raw “as shot” state to uploaded to YouTube takes plenty of time. In the queue at the moment are a Vlog from the M5 in the XM, NSX vs Skyline vs Supra to link to Retro Japanese magazine, and me behind the wheel of several Japanese classics for the same title – includes a Subaru Impreza in a tunnel. The noise is just fabulous.

Insight rear

Videos like this one take a long time to upload.

One of the problems is that my ancient laptop simply takes a goodly while to process videos. The poor thing’s fan screams like a 2CV when I’m video editing. It really isn’t quite up to it. Problem is, I can forget trying to do anything else when it’s in edit mode, so I can only do video editing when I don’t need the laptop for other things – like actual paid work. This week, things are further complicated by me being out of the office all day yesterday (a very interesting visit to Jaguar Land Rover) and a good chunk of today (community bus duty, taking elderly passengers for a lunch at a seaside hotel). I’m on a different bus tomorrow for the weekly bus service from the village to town. This allows me to make the point that the Volkswagen Crafter really was a monumental leap over the LT. One feels like a big car, the other feels like a small truck. From the 1960s.

I digress. Once the video has actually been created, it then has to upload to YouTube. My upload speed is 252kbps, on a good day. Superfast Broadband has yet to reach this corner of mid-Wales. Annoyingly, it has reached two villages either side! No, I’m not going to go for a drive just to upload a video more quickly.

I’m going to set one video uploading right now. Stay tuned to  my channel to see what it is when it finally reaches the internet in several hours’ time!

What are your thoughts? Do share them!

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