2CV: Enjoy the Silence

Thanks to a friend, I’ve finally discovered a more enjoyable way to drive the 2CV. Earplugs!

2CV noise

The best 2CV upgrade yet?

For £3.49 from Ebay, they had to be worth a go. You can get posh ones for £17-20, but I’m not posh. These ones are rated at -20. That’s important. I don’t want to block all of the noise out – it’s dangerous if you can’t hear sirens or other noises – like things falling off. Therefore, I apologise for the artistic licence used in my headline. I just happen to like that Depeche Mode song very much!

Today was the first time I’d had a chance to leap into the 2CV and test them and the results are staggering. I could still hear everything that was going on, even individual rain drops hitting the roof, but it was all turned down to a much more agreeable level. I could even hear the indicator relay clicking away. Engine noise was very much reduced and wind noise was now tolerable.

The best bit was how much more refined the car felt, because clonks and rattles are reduced and road noise is so much quieter. Heading up hill, with the engine screaming away, was nowhere near as painful on the ears. I’m going to rate this as one of the best upgrades you can make to a 2CV, and for only a few pounds! I’ll also be testing them in the Discovery as I attempt to quieten the rear axle howl on the way up to North Yorkshire next weekend.

What are your thoughts? Do share them!

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