French Holiday Spots – August 2016

I’m having a marvellous time here in France. I’ll do a full report on the Rover’s progress when I get home, but suffice to say that the air conditioning is working beautifully – which is good, as it has got rather warm here! Lovely.

I’ve been out spotting too, with trips to Argentan and Falaise today, where the spotting was on very good form. I’ve pulled out the highlights below. Hope you enjoy them. I certainly did!

Before I depart, I’ll just remind you to have a nose at my YouTube channel. Eventually, there will be a report on the Rover in video form.

8 thoughts on “French Holiday Spots – August 2016

  1. I remember visiting France on a school trip in the mid 80s and being genuinely surprised just how relatively popular the Rover 200 was over there at the time. Somehow it’s not a car I’d imagined French buyers going for, but clearly some of them did!

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