Invacar latest – running!

Oh dear. I’m not doing very well at keeping the blog going. There’s a simple reason for that. Life is getting in the way. As well as a hectic schedule of magazines to edit, the HubNut video channel on YouTube has also been exceedingly busy. I’ve published over 70 videos this year, and it has to be said, feedback is much more plentiful on my channel than it ever has been on my blog.

Invacar blue three wheeler

2017 has really been a busy year, with some remarkable surprises!

So, I’m going to be toning things down a bit on here. I’m sorry if that’s bad news, but YouTube is where it all seems to be happening at the moment. In fact, I’m struggling to keep up with the comments! I like being able to reply to as many comments as possible. There may come a time when that’s no longer possible either.

So, here’s a video recap of December. Firstly, I did get the Invacar running. It now starts absolutely beautifully, and I’ve fitted a new exhaust today. Bodges to the old one didn’t hold!


Amusingly, having got my 493cc Invacar to fire up, I then couldn’t get the Lexus started after replacing the auxiliary belt tensioner and idler. New spark plugs sorted that out, but I’m still not entirely sure why.


Which allowed me to put together this short Vlog update on the fleet.

Thanks to everyone for their support on over the years, and in its previous ClassicHub form. As ever, I’m active on Facebook as Ian Seabrook and Twitter as @Dollywobbler, but like I say, the YouTube channel is becoming the best place to stay in touch and see what I’m up to. Visit

Lastly, I hope you’ve all had a marvellous Christmas time. Here’s to new and exciting projects and experiences in 2018!

3 thoughts on “Invacar latest – running!

  1. A bit off subject but I was wondering if you could show off a car in the future that is a bit of an odd one for the US market. My grandparents are in posession of a Austin Riley 1100/1300 Mark II 4 Door Saloon. Around the 70’s era i believe with an automatic gear box. Never seen another one like it and was wondering if you could show how they operate. I have yet to find anyone on youtube that knows anything about them. I have a deep interest in the car but my grandparents wont let it up for “sentimental” reasons. I would like to see how they work seeing as one day soon i may actually be able to finally seperate them from it. If it hadnt been sitting for so long i’d give this one a go but i dont want to tow it without being able to know anything about it first. Thanks.

    • Oh wow. That must be a real rarity! I’m afraid I don’t know much about the transmissions, other than that they were developed by AP in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. Like most autos, it isn’t a good idea to flat tow one. I can’t really show how they work, as it’s all internal, but I’m sure assistance could be found online. Here’s the club you need.

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