Project Dirty Daimler: Selling

Another seriously busy time means I haven’t had much chance to talk more about the XJ40, or do much with it at all. I still want to do a ‘closer look’ video, so you can see the true horror of it. Press deadlines are not being kind though, and the other cars on the fleet have been keeping me busy. Hopefully I can do an update on that soon.

Mostly, the Daimler has been sitting on the driveway awaiting further assessment. Problem is, every time I take a closer look, it gets a little bit worse. At first, I decided to wash it, just so it looked nice. From some angles, that trick worked.

Daim! Looks most pleasant from some angles.

It’s still a crusty mess though. I’d show you more pics, but I appear to have just reached capacity on this blog, so that’s something else I’ll have to sort out if I ever have any spare time again!

But, having uncovered rot beneath the windscreen, and had more dodgy electrical moments (an aftermarket immobiliser which I’ve now removed), I’ve decided it’s a step too far. This’ll never be a nice looking car without considerably more effort than I’ll ever be able to dedicate to it.

So, it’s for sale. Would be nice to think I could get back what I paid for it, though I am still partly tempted to just keep it anyway. After all, after that wash, it really is a very attractive vehicle. People pay a lot more than £350 for driveway ornaments too…


One thought on “Project Dirty Daimler: Selling

  1. Sure looks nice and watching the video of this classic i felt the feel of the car just by watching it , i was once offered a swap for an older version of jag for a mk 1 fiesta some 20 + years ago as an uncle was feed up feeding the double fuel tanks … I didn’t part with my old fiesta and many years past not knowing what happen to either car till a pure chance visit to a classic car show … I saw…… Not the jag but my old mk 1 fiesta what a sight she was … So Ian have you made your motor minded mind up ??? Keep or sell ?? You never know you may have the same thing happen to you as what happened to me.
    Only thing is i wished I’d of kept my old car …. Oops …. Hope that’s not swayed you lol.
    Great blog keep em rolling .

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