Laptop fail, far too busy, new magazine!

Those are the main excuses for the lack of blog posts recently. My laptop failed, allowing me to test my disaster recovery plan – I’m glad I had one. I lost just one feature – and that was better at the second time of writing.

I’m up and running again, on a lovely, new sub-£400 laptop that is super quick, but which has far less storage capacity than the previous one. So, I don’t currently have access to my entire photo library, which has rather hampered bloggage etc. On top of that, I’m currently very, very busy putting the first issue of Rolls-Royce and Bentley Driver together. It’s been a lovely title to create, and as ever, I’ve thrown pretty much everything I have at it. I really don’t do half measures. Apart from my blog posts. And YouTube channel. They’re deliberately half-arsed…

Of course, I’m still editing Retro Japanese magazine, and Classic Jaguar – which is moving to six issues per year. This is why my head is spinning and why blog posts have only been notable by the lack thereof. I’m writing this one at the moment merely so I can clear my brain ready for the next round of proofing. To be honest, that’s what this Blog often is. An outpouring of my creative mind that isn’t burdened by deadlines or editorial expectation. It’s nice that some of you seem to like reading this stuff! Putting words together for a living is a strange business really. It’s something I can just do, but it’s also something I HAVE to do. HubNut is my relaxation area in many ways.

All of which boring nonsense doesn’t tell you a lot. I do have more videos on the way – another should be uploaded tonight all being well (internet issues have been hampering me too, just for good measure!). I’ve a lot to update you on regarding the fleet, so hopefully there will be more posts within a reasonable time frame.

In the meantime, have a picture from this new magazine. I think it’s going to be a corker. Rolls-Royce and 2CV Driver! EDIT – buy the new magazine, sadly without 2CV content, right here:

New magazine! Rolls-Royce and 2CV Driver. No, hold on, that’s not right…

9 thoughts on “Laptop fail, far too busy, new magazine!

  1. Love folks that keep old cars alive … Its nice to see and smell old cars
    Keep up the good work Ian and keep bringing them videos too… Great to watch with a mug of tea and feet up

    Well done that man …. Maybe topgear needs you ??

  2. Greetings from Denmark.
    Love your blog Ian, keep it up. The videos are great in a down to earth manner.
    All hail cheap affordable motoring.

    • Just Jaguar I’m afraid. As you can imagine, that title does rather better in terms of both sales and advertising. I’ll be pushing Retro Japanese hard this year though. I love editing it.

      • And I love reading it! It´s the only car-related magazine I buy anymore. No classic-car-magazine in german language does that for me what you guys from Retro Japanese do. So please, I beg you, keep them coming! 😉

  3. Thanks Lukas! You’ll be pleased to know that I’m shifting my editorial commitments to ensure I can keep going on Retro Japanese. I must be mad, but I love putting this magazine together.

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