Nippa: 3rd MOT

It isn’t very often that I own a car long enough for it to have three MOT tests, but the Perodua Nippa is one such vehicle! I bought it with short test almost exactly two years ago. It passed needing only a steering rack gaiter, though I did replace the tyres too, as a couple were low on tread (Nankang winter tyres. Very good).

The second year, it needed only wiper blades, though it did struggle a bit with emissions. That was because the temperature sender on the engine was duff. Replacing that sorted it out and made the temperature gauge read accurately for the first time.

Still, I approach each MOT with some trepidation. Especially as I knew the exhaust is far from brilliant. I’d already had one hole welded up in previous years (ahead of the test, that’s planning), but I’ve had to get busy with the aluminium tape again since. Remarkably, despite being applied a few weeks ago, the tape held sufficiently for another pass!

MOT pass! On a lovely day.

The news wasn’t all good, though. When I called to ask for a progress report, the garage ominously said “we’ll talk to you when you come down.” So, we jumped in the 2CV (roof back, naturally) and headed down to collect the Nippa.

We needn’t have worried too much. The exhaust barely scraped through, which we expected. Rather annoyingly, though, there was a nail in the sidewall of one of the tyres. BOTHER! Those lovely Nankangs have done fewer than 8000 miles. The rears have barely any wear on them. We were kindly given an advisory for that, but the lads made it clear we had to make that a priority to sort out. So, I’ve dug the original, 17-year old spare out of the boot and pulled off the damaged tyre. Here it is.

DOH! Nail has ruined this tyre.

Very frustrating. That one has been relegated to the spare. Remarkably, it is still holding air! Of course, we now have a car with three winter tyres and one summer tyre, but that’ll have to do for now. Ideally, I need to track down another Nankang winter tyre, but it doesn’t really seem the time of year to be doing that.

Oh, and the lads were pretty clear that a new exhaust is needed. Worryingly, the diagrams for the ones on Ebay don’t seem to match what’s on the car…

Still, this remains a very cheap car to buy (£300) and run (55mpg, barely anything needed other than basic servicing). Just a shame that rot is starting to nibble at all of the edges…

4 thoughts on “Nippa: 3rd MOT

  1. Hi Ian, I think the tyre can be fixed easily by removing the screw and putting there a rubber plug. This is an everyday stuff at tyre repair shops…

  2. Hi don’t know if this helps, its for the L201 engine which is same one in my Nippa .
    My 19 yr old Nippa (£275 buy in Nov 2016, 40k, 5 owners) failed it’s MOT on Saturday but for emissions only – it’s amazingly tidy for something so old. The paperwork with the car said it failed on same thing last year but Cataclean got in thru.
    New filter, plugs and Cataclean coming tomorrow (oil and filter changed 2 weeks ago)so hoping it gets it thru – i love me little Nippa! It’s reliable and fun to drive.
    I’ve seen your Nippa videos but only found your blog today and noticed you had emissions problems too. If the above doesn’t work am i ok to ask you where the temp gauge is located?
    My Nippa is muave and the GX – the only difference being colour coded bumpers and for that pleasure my insurer charged £20 more!! Let me know if you want a couple of pics of it.
    Best wishes, Myles

    • Thanks. Not the same as the exhaust on the car. Temp sender is on the nearside of the engine as I recall. It had no problems with emissions this year. Do bung some pics up! Writer Paul Guinness also owns one. Both our cars have appeared in Classic Car Buyer, and mine is in the current issue of Retro Japanese magazine. Well, the design is Japanese…

      • Well it passed thankfully (v v lucky on the emissions!) so on look out for a cat. How do i post some pics? Thanks

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