Project OMG: Service time

I had a great idea. It went horribly wrong, because of Doris. 

The plan was, drive to Coventry, catch a train to London, attend the London Classic Car Show. Then I realised that I knew someone who could service the car while I was away. Bingo! 

I left the car in Dave Aspley’s capable hands and he kindly gave me a lift to Nuneaton train station. This is when Doris ruined my day. I asked when the train was due to leave and got a shrug. O asked whether the train to London was on time. I was told that was almost certainly delayed. I was told to wait for further announcements. One came. It was barely audible. I asked the bloke in the ticket office what she said. He said he didn’t know. Great! 

Eventually, I was told to get on a train to Birmingham. I did. It drove a mile, then it stopped. For over half an hour. Then it drove back to Nuneaton. The consensus seemed to be to give up on my London plans, so I did. Dave was passing, so he picked me up and continued the service. We found grim things! This is the air filter. 

It was so gunked up that the engine was trying to ingest it. Fuel and oil filters were also replaced. Happy car. 

Sadly, the filler plug for the differential is seized, which is a shame, as it is leaking. That’ll be the next priority. That and perhaps discs and pads to cure brake judder. 

With the car healthy again, I went to Warwick for food.

It was very pleasant. I then went to visit friends Chas and Rachel who have kindly put me up for the night. We’re watching The Avengers. It’s hilarious. 

Tomorrow, Race Retro and a rethink of my weekend’s plans. 

One thought on “Project OMG: Service time

  1. Storm Doris has put a hault on rebuilding the steering and suspension components on my old zx estate . The old girl wanted to steer opposite the way i pointed it … So today i got a stop gap car a corsa B w reg … ¬£270 very smooth drive too. Great to see the Vauxhall you have slowly getting back to full health

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