Rover 600: It’s dead. Next!

Oh dear. That experiment hasn’t gone tremendously well then. After failing on Sunday, it has been confirmed that the Rover is dead. The differential blew itself apart on Sunday and, allied to the damage sustained during the subsequent recovery, it’s just not going to be worth sorting out. All a bit sad really.

This one won't ride again.

This one won’t ride again. Just 18 years old. 

The thing is though, I don’t appear to be that sad at the prospect of not driving the 600 again. I think it’s a classic case of me falling for the looks, which I still think are superb, but not really enjoying the driving experience all that much. Certainly, it reminded me that some suspension travel is well overdue in my life. The Nippa is bouncy. The RAV4 is bouncy. I really need something that is not bouncy! Especially while the smooth-riding 2CV is out of my life (paint due next month!).

It is tricky to know what to get next though. Do I just buy another tired old snotter, or do I try to buy something actually nice? The good thing about old snotters is that if it all does go horribly wrong, there’s no massive sense of loss. But, I’m a petrolhead. Surely it’s about time I had a nice car? After all, I still believe it’s possible to buy an actually-nice car for under a grand. In fact, I feel I need to prove as much.

At the same time, I’ve got a craving for something actually old too, though this gets more difficult. For a start, actually-old stuff doesn’t tend to be cheap. Unless it’s thoroughly rotten. Also, every car I own must be prepared to live outside, and be driven in all weathers. Some owners clubs might hunt me down for treating an old classic in such a manner. There’s also the fact that such treatment leads to rampant rot – see my 2CV for example.

I’m still finishing off the next issue of Retro Japanese magazine at the moment, so I don’t have any time to go hunting for a new car just yet either. That’s ok. I’m not entirely sure what my budget is and I currently have two working cars at my disposal. It has been pointed out to me that it might be wise to do my tax return before splurging a load of cash on another car. I guess it nothing else, it’s good motivation to get it done!

So, farewell Rover. I’m sorry it didn’t work out better.

4 thoughts on “Rover 600: It’s dead. Next!

  1. Sorry to read about your misfortunes. Onward and upwards though! I have two luxury options. First (after a fleet purge!) is basically what I want to do and that is get a Jaguar XJ6 X300. Best looking XJ ever in my opinion and the last hurrah of the classic Jaguar AJ6 engine. I love the wide, flat lines on it. Prices are trending upwards now, but you might sneak an OK one for a grand. Obviously you would want the 4.0 litre engine.

    Second would be right up your alley being French, but it would be nearly impossible to find one these days…. a Peugeot 605!

    • X 300 is a good choice. Borrowed one a couple of years ago. Lovely, but very costly when things wear out.
      A colleague has two 605s. I’m not won over by them, especially having owned XMs.

  2. That’s a shame, but things tend to happen for a reason in my book.
    So what about a Lexus GS 300??? Plenty a bout for under a grand…

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