Busy times – Jaguar and Japanese

This poor blog has been sadly neglected recently, mostly because I’ve been actually getting paid to do quite a lot of editorial work. It does somewhat sap the energy to then keep blogging away on top of that!

I’ve just got the first issue of Classic Jaguar to the printers, and that’ll be on sale on May 20th. Obviously, being me, it’s much more than just E-Types and XKs. I’m particularly pleased with my article on the underdogs – the bargain Jaguar saloons, even if bargain is a comparative word. If it’s affordable you want, in Jaguar terms, I make the case for the original S-Type and 420.

Jaguars are just so darned appealing.

Jaguars are just so darned appealing.

There’s lots of other stuff too, which you’ll soon be able to read. It will be in the shops, but also available at the Kelsey Shop, where you can currently find this subscription deal.

By way of complete contrast, I’m also editing Retro Japanese, and work is now underway on the second issue. To my surprise, the first issue wasn’t just a success, it has been a complete sell-out! There is a huge amount of love out there for Japanese metal, and it’s not just folk interested in ridiculous amounts of power and going sidewards in a smoky manner. There’s plenty of love for the often exceedingly rare daily drivers of old. Datsun 140Ys, Toyota Corollas and Mitsubishi Colts. I am fast discovering just how strong that love is, and it’s also introducing me to a whole new world of classic car enthusiasts who have largely been overlooked by the classic press. It’s hugely enjoyable to be editing a title dedicated to this world, and heart-warming to see it so well received.

Nissan Bluebird

From fantastic Jaguars, to everyday Nissans. My life contains fantastic variety right now.

You may point out that I don’t currently own either a Jaguar or a Japanese motor (now the Prelude has gone) and you’d be right. You may think that really, the editor should own examples of the car he writes about, and you’d be right there too. Bear with me folks. Plans are afoot!

After all, while I’m well known for my love of Citroen motor vehicles, it is far, far from an exclusive deal. As with so much in life, enjoy what you like, but never be scared to explore new avenues. My love of cars has always been wide-ranging. Which is why at the moment, looking after these two very different titles makes me very happy indeed.

What are your thoughts? Do share them!

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