My Videos. Top Three for March

I know March isn’t quite over yet, but here’s the three top videos on my channel over the previous 28 days.

Number Three: Winter Range Issues.

This is the terrifying trip I undertook in a Volkswagen e-UP! when I wanted to test its winter range. Just about enough to get to the nearest rapid charger, but only just! This is a new entry at the top of my popular video tree and with only 1700 views, has taken a while to find its feet. It suggests interest in Electric Cars is growing. Rightly so.

Number Two: Land Rover Discovery

Remarkably, this video has now had well over 24,000 views! It has always been one of the top two videos, so its second place is no surprise at all. I still miss that car, despite its many flaws. Clearly, I’m not the only fan of the early Discovery.

Number One: Citroen XM V6

This one is no great surprise either. In fact, it has historically played second fiddle only to the Discovery, so it’s nice that it’s on top for once! In fact, so popular is the XM video that it has now overtaken my BX on/off road test video, with over 16,000 views. Proof that there’s lots of Citroen love out there. Excellent.

In terms of overall stats, the Disco is top of the list, followed by the XM and BX. You can see the full list in order of preference right here. More videos will be on their way in the coming weeks!

What are your thoughts? Do share them!

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