Dyane: For sale. Project Over!

I’ve tried to sell pretty much every vehicle I own in the past month or so, with varying degrees of success. The Honda should soon be off to a new home, though I’ve decided to keep the XM for a bit longer yet. It’s so good at so many different things, though I have tried to destroy the clutch by accidentally soaking it in diesel. This is a bad thing to do it turns out. Slippy!

Camouflage Dyane out for a hoon.

Dyane must make way for the 2CV project. Unfortunately.

But this post is to highlight the fact that my extremely eye-catching (camouflage fail) Dyane is now up for sale. I’ve had a really enjoyable time steadily improving this machine, but it still needs further fettling, and I need to focus my energies on the 2CV. There’s a fair bit I need to do to the chassis before the body comes back, and I don’t have anywhere to do the work. There’s room for only one aircooled Citroen in my life!

I put the Dyane up for £1200, but £1100 would take it if I can get a sale this weekend. Obviously, I may be open to a part exchange, though this really is a fund raiser, as well as a space maker.

I think another reason to get rid of the Dyane is that I could really start to like it very easily indeed! The Dyane is so much better than a 2CV in so many ways. I love the extra elbow room, the practical hatchback, the rear seat that’s actually comfortable to access and the doors that don’t flap at speed.

But this year is all about the 2CV. I simply must crack on. I can’t afford to get attached to a rival! So, please spread the word, and let me know if you’re interested. The details are:

MOT August 2016

2000 miles on the clock (so at least 102,000).

Engine overhauled with replacement barrels and pistons.

Original chassis, body surprisingly good apart from lower windscreen panel (club sells a repair section)

Sale includes new windscreen and seal relating to the above.

Engine uses Boyer Bransden points-assisted ignition.

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