Project 2CV: Ready to go!

It’s been a fantastically beautiful day here in Wales – bendigedig! Sunshine helped ease the sorrows of yesterday’s Six Nations rugby match. Before I get to the 2CV, let’s have a quick look at the other aircooled Citroën in my life.

Camouflage Dyane out for a hoon.

Camouflage Dyane out for a hoon.

I do love driving the Dyane. It’s a complete attention magnet. I’m still having to take it slightly easy after the winter engine rebuild, but I can still get a shift on. There is still work to do on this engine though – the cylinder heads are still whiffy. Ah well. At least I found something nice to park next to in town.

Wow! Second C6 I've spotted this week. Dutch plates, RHD.

Wow! Second C6 I’ve spotted this week. Dutch plates, RHD.

Yes, a Citroen C6. On Dutch plates no less, though it was a right-hand drive example. It’s the second C6 I’ve spotted in a week – I was following one for a time on Tuesday as I hurtled to Coventry and back in the XM.

Speaking of the XM, it’s got another mega-mile week ahead. The 2CV’s bodyshell is ready for transport!

XM ready for some haulin' action.

XM ready for some haulin’ action.

It’ll be a long old slog to Bradford and back tomorrow, thankfully featuring rather more major routes than Tuesday’s cross-country dash to Coventry. It should be pretty relaxing given a maximum of 50/60mph depending on road type. I’m looking forward to Alan’s assessment of what needs to happen and can finally discuss exactly what needs to happen.

Of course, the focus for the time being is on the bodyshell. But it isn’t quite as simple as getting it all welded up again and refitting it. Some panels are too rusty to just bolt back on, so will need to be replaced. Others need a certain amount of fettling – doors and bonnet especially. Then there’s the running gear. I really do need to go over it while everything is so accessible. I’ve got a seriously sticky carburettor linkage to deal with, and very rusty suspension cans. I also need to replace all of the wheels and tyres.

So, plenty of expense yet to come and while your contributions have made this project feasible, I can see that the Dyane is still going to have to go at some point. That was always the plan – the Dyane was meant to be fill-in until the 2CV was back on the road. I have grown rather fond of it though. But, two projects (for the Dyane needs welding too) is just too much to consider at the moment, so when the 2CV is closer to returning to the road, the Dyane will have to go. Until then, I hope to have plenty of fun in it. Let’s hope for lots more sunshine!

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