Dry Days and damp cars..

I’m not the only one having problems with dreadful cars! Includes Citroen CX Prestige content.


After 40 days and nights of rain, we have finally had a dry day here in sunny Scotland. A balmy 2.5 degrees in the sun meant ideal conditions for working on cars. At the house I had 3 of the fleet available for the tinkering – this is the story of how their respective days went.

Octavia Tdi

The Octavia is still drawing air into the fuel lines, despite several filter and o-ring changes. The MOT on it expires in 3 days time, so it shall shortly be on its way to be recycled. At the very least it would need :

rear brakes,

4 dampers,

front arms

and an exhaust

to get an MOT. Add to that the frustration of the air in fuel shenanigans (which now include just randomly cutting out) and its fate was sealed.

I cannot say a thing against it – less than a week’s…

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