Fleet update: December 2015

I thought I’d better recap on the state of the fleet at the moment, which has somehow become five vehicles.

I’ll start with the 2CV, which is still snuggled up in a nearby garage awaiting resurrection. No progress here but on the plus side, I haven’t nicked any bits for the Dyane since September!

Citroen 2CV dolly

While my 2CV gently sleeps…

Next is the XM, which is still remarkably delivering satisfaction after more than a year in my company. In fact, my recently acquired Volvo as just reminded me how much I really like the XM. Still trying to find some small parts necessary for me to carry out a front brake overhaul and the clutch is still too heavy. I’ll sort it one day. Honest.

Citroen XM in France.

I got me an XM, it’s the size of a whale and it’s about to set sail…

Then we come to the Nippa which, after a roadtrip to Leicestershire and Northants with my lovely lady, has finally managed to clock up more than 2000 miles since purchase in March. That’s taken it to a heady 26,000 miles now. The windscreen seal keeps leaking, and keeps being cured by Captain Tolley’s Creeping Crack Cure. Otherwise, it just keeps soldiering on.

Perodua Nippa at speed. Sort of.

The Perodua I want (Nippa I really want), hoo, hoo, hooo.

Now we come to the Dyane, acquired in August. I managed to clock up over 1000 miles in it during September, which revealed quite a few flaws. It’s now sitting in my garage with the engine in pieces while I attempt to remedy some of those flaws – especially the stinky heater and oil leaks.

There's fumes leaking outta my heads, ach that stinking is all I think about.

There’s fumes leaking outta my heads, ach that stinking is all I think about.

So, that’s four already and the Volvo 740 estate makes five. Being free, it was hard to say no, even if it was miles away. It’s now sitting on my driveway while I consider what to do next with it. It’s quite bad in quite a lot of ways but I’m reluctant to spend too much money on it – largely because I don’t have any. It’s also seriously cosmetically challenged – though I mind that not at all.

Not bad for Free!

The best things, in life are free. Now that I’ve discovered that it’s quite grotty.

And there we have it. Hopefully I’ll have the Dyane up and running again before Christmas, but as it’s staying off the road until the salt goes away, there’s not much point rushing. So perhaps I’ll try and improve the Volvo in the meantime and hopefully I’ll get the XM’s brakes sorted at last! As for 2016, well I’m hoping I can see my poor 2CV back on the road. I miss her!

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