Nippa News!

Er, well. Ah, hmmm. You see, the problem is, there’s not a lot to report in Perodua Nippa land. Since purchase in March, the Nippa is averaging 43 miles a week. Since passing its MOT on 31st March, it has covered almost exactly 1000 miles. The 2CV has covered more miles this year, and she’s been off the road since April!

Perodua Nippa at speed. Sort of.

My wife Nippa-ing about the place.

Yet, the Nippa still manages to be useful. It’s my good lady wife’s first choice of transport after her own feet. I often borrow it if I just need to nip somewhere. It’s fizzy, fun and just like a Yorkshire Terrier. Not very refined and liable to destroy your cushions if you leave it unattended. I’m sure I heard it bark at the cat the other day.

It’s not very brilliant to drive though. I quickly tire of the cramped driving position and hilariously awful suspension. If the XM is Yang, then this is very much its Ying. The reason I live with the tired centre spheres of the XM is that it still feels like bleedin’ lounge slippers and a cosy snuggle on the sofa compared to the spine-shattering bounce-fest of the Nippa. It’s like an earthquake. Quite amusing in a wobbly sort of way, but you hope it doesn’t kill you.

Not that I care very much. This is cheap motoring in the extreme. It would cost more and be more hassle to sell it than to keep it, so it can live on as the second or third choice car. Not the default for enjoyable motoring, but you’re glad of it when you need it. Perhaps I’ll even treat it to some winter tyres, seeing as the heater seems able to produce heat by the time the car has moved about quarter of a mile. That’s impressive.

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