Dirty Dyane: The mission is on

So, I have decided to purchase the camouflage Dyane as an interim project. I need an old car to tinker with, so I may as well make it one I like a great deal!

Yes! The Dyane runs. The project is started.

Yes! The Dyane runs. The project is started.

Now, you’ll have to wait for updates, because there are one or two things standing in the way of bringing this car home. Firstly, it has no MOT. It will require a little welding, and this will be sorted out very soon. Secondly, it has no paperwork, so can’t be taxed even when it does have MOT. So, I’ll have to wait for the V5C to be applied for. I’m hoping that this won’t take longer than a few weeks to sort out. Please hurry DVLA!

The current plan is to get the welding done and await the arrival of the V5C. Then, I will head over to Wiltshire with the master cylinder that’s currently missing on the Dyane. Fortunately, my spares stash included a working master cylinder. With that fitted, and the wheels and tyres from my 2CV, we can then put it in for an MOT, cross our fingers and hopefully, I can then drive it the 140 miles back home. As it hasn’t been road legal since 1995, this could indeed be quite an adventure. We may avoid motorways.

Longer term, I’ll need to do something about the rotten lower windscreen panel (2CVGB’s Spare Parts OrGanisation [SPOG] thankfully produces a replacement) and I suspect it’ll need some rot chasing out of the inner rear wings. Cosmetics? I care not a hoot. There are not enough hand-painted Citroens at 2CV meets these days, so it’ll be just like old times. I can’t wait.

Most importantly, it hopefully means that I can drive to the 2CV 24hr Race on Anglesey on August 22-23 where I’m assisting a team as pit crew. There is also a track day session on the Saturday. I think the Dyane needs to be there for that.

Would you attempt to drive 140 miles in this car?

Would you attempt to drive 140 miles in this car?

All-in-all, I’m very excited. Longer term, something will have to go on the fleet. The XM, Perodua and Dyane will all be battling to avoid eviction from the Classichub Fleet. There probably won’t be much progress to report until the paperwork is sorted, but stay tuned for flat-twin adventures!

5 thoughts on “Dirty Dyane: The mission is on

  1. I would but not after checking each and every crucial part but that is easy. Don’t skimp on new fuel lines and a good full service.;) Surely you’ve got enough experience by now. Good luck!

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