Video: My relationship with the 2CV

After yesterday’s Blog post, I did probably-not-enough thinking, and have agreed to purchase the Dyane. More on that in the coming weeks! But, I thought it might be nice to indulge myself with some thoughts on why I like 2CVs (and other A-Series Citroens such as the Dyane) quite so much.

I’m not sure my video has all of the answers, but I hope you enjoy it. It includes some truly excellent external footage from my friend Keith Hicks. We had great fun nailing those sequences together last summer. It really has reminded me just why it is that I need an A-Series Citroen in my life ASAP!

4 thoughts on “Video: My relationship with the 2CV

  1. Hello Ian – glad you bought the Dyane – doesn’t look bad at all. The problem is that once you’ve fettled it, you might find that despite all your history with the 2CV, the Dyane is the one you want to keep.

    As you know, Hilly and I have 2 Dyanes, including the yellow 4×4 (Louis Barbour) which was wearing the big stripey cap at Newby Hall. I’m in the process of restoring an Orange Tenere 1975 Dyane which Hilly has owned for 25 years or so. Hope to take it to the Dutch ICCCR next year (with it being the Dutch royal colour . . .).

    Regarding the repair to the panel below the windscreen, this is very tricky, and you will almost certainly have to replace the box section behind the dashboard as well. Having had this repair done recently, please get in touch, as I can probably give you advice which might save you time and money. I expect you have a tame local repairer, but if not, I can advise you about this as well. Give me a call or e-mail.

    When I’ve finished Orangina, I might think about selling the 4×4. I think there are only 3 Dyane 4x4s in the UK, and this is the only one which looks like a standard road car (never been seriously off-roaded) (if you think this sounds like a long-term sales pitch, you’re probably right). See

    On a different subject, My son Tom and I went to SW Scotland in the DRK 3-wheeler a couple of weeks ago. We met up with 5 other DRKs and had 5 days of serious fun. Fantastic part of the UK with almost nothing else on the roads. We might do something similar in Wales next year . . .

    Cheers, Dan Fletcher (DRK, 2 Dyanes, 1968 ID19, 2011 C3 Picasso (good car, and we can fit Tom’s double bass in it!).

    • Oh aye. I certainly expect there to be a bit of rot lurking behind what’s left of the panel. That job isn’t a priority, but it’s certainly on the list of Phase 2 improvements.
      I thoroughly recommend a trip to Wales for driving roads too. There are plenty of them!

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