Dear Readers, lend me your support.

You can now support ClassicHub, ie me, by donating via PayPal!

There’s a generalisation that folk only want stuff for free on the internet, and I’d like to disprove that myth if possible. After all, I make no money from any advertising you see on this site, and absolute peanuts from my YouTube channel.

Yet it all costs money to do. There’s fuel, the cost of kit (maybe I could buy some decent video kit one day!) and the cost of keeping my terrible motor cars going. On top of that,¬†there are of course living costs and the threat that my much-abused laptop might give up the ghost. I’ve already worn out several keys.

Ultimately, there is also the need to raise funds for the restoration of my poor 2CV. Her salvation will not be cheap and she remains off the road until such time as I can scrape enough money together for a proper sort out. It would be nice to get her back on the road in time for her 30th birthday – which is April 2016.

I do guarantee not to give any money raised to any chuggers, Nigerian princes or war criminals. By supporting ClassicHub, you’re supporting pure petrolhead (and dieselhead and possibly electrichead) antics. Thank you.

Unlike some big, faceless corporations, Ian Seabrook is a UK taxpayer and all income is declared.

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