Event: Vulcan at RAF Cosford

Rather annoyingly, I completely missed the Welshpool Air Show this year. It’s a great little event and the Vulcan once more made an appearance. After three weekends away, I was feeling a bit broken, so I stayed at home and did nothing but watch the Le Mans 24hr race and sleep.

So, when I discovered that the Vulcan was due to make an appearance at RAF Cosford near Wolverhampton, I wasn’t going to miss out a second time. The XM whisked me out of Wales once more and I arrived with time to spare. Too much time in fact, so I decided to have a browse of the car park. What delights could I find? Here are the excited Tweets I made.

First up, a sporty Astra in need of a little tidying up.

Then I found this delightful Beetle Karmann Cabriolet. Not my choice of accessories/wheels but it was super tidy.

Then I found the sort of automotive contrast you just won’t see at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. A Hyundai Accent and a Jensen Interceptor. Oh, hold on. That’s not an Interceptor!

Indeed, it really is an FF! Not sure I’ve ever seen one out in the wild before. Fabulous.

For those not in the know, this is a longer Interceptor but with the Ferguson Formula four-wheel drive system and Dunlop’s Maxaret anti-lock braking system. It’s the original four-wheel drive sports car and they’re very rare.

Then things got very loud.


Still as awe-inspiring as ever - Vulcan XH558.

Still as awe-inspiring as ever – Vulcan XH558.

But, this is a Blog about cars, so check this beauty out!

I absolutely adore the Skoda Favorit. It was such a brave, quantum leap for the firm and one of my favourite designers – Giuigaro and Ital Design – came up with the distinctive looks. This is when cheap cars became really rather good – good enough for Volkswagen to take interest and take over. Even better though, this one had a brown interior! Highly desirable.

My day was completed by the chance to have a quick car park drive of this thoroughly charming Rover P4 60.

A delightful Rover P4 60. Oh that first gear whine!

A delightful Rover P4 60. Oh that first gear whine!

I love how this is the cheap, bottom of the range P4, yet clamber aboard and it’s leather and class all the way. Power, if you can call it that, comes from the Land Rover’s 2-litre, inlet-over-exhaust engine. Maybe one day I’ll get more of a chance to put it through its paces. Heavy traffic with folk seemingly desperate to leave meant a trip out on the road wouldn’t have been much fun! We just milled around and talked about cars for a bit until things calmed down.

All in all, a rather splendid day and nice to bond with my £375 XM again after a week in a £27,000 Volkswagen.


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