Perodua settles in

I somehow missed marking the first month of Perodua ownership, but I feel our tiny hatchback deserves a little more recognition.

This really is a tiny motor car. Boot surprisingly big.

This really is a tiny motor car. Boot surprisingly big.

To recap, this 24,000-mile wonder was purchased for £300, and needed only a steering rack gaiter in order to gain a fresh MOT. I have given it a service and it has been put into regular service. I can’t say I’ve been driving it that often – in fact I haven’t been able to get near it this week as it has become Rachel’s default driving option. I do marvel at the fact that my wife cares not for Bluetooth, bling or a big accessory list. Instead, she wants no power steering, no electric anything and dinky dimensions. The Perodua Nippa more than delivers.

I have to say, as long as I’m not travelling too far, I really do enjoy driving the thing too. It doesn’t beg a thrashing in quite the same way as the Sirion did – a car which only seemed happy when the rev counter was above 4000rpm – but it is still fun to drive it quickly. Well, it feels quick when you’re inside it. I’m sure if you’re the bored person in an Audi TT the other week following me, it doesn’t seem quick at all.

Nippa with the car it is temporarily replacing - my rusty 2CV

Nippa with the car it is temporarily replacing – my rusty 2CV

That means that somehow, this little Malaysian hatchback is channelling the spirit of the Citroen 2CV, MG Midget and Austin Seven. It helps maintain the fact that many MPH is not necessarily what you need for many funs. The steering is remarkably Mini-like, which I’m sure is one reason that Mini-fan Rachel likes it so much. It’s exceedingly direct around the dead ahead, so it darts from one direction to another like a startled rabbit. In fact, it is perhaps a bit too twitchy and it can be hard to maintain a straight course. Not that there are many straights here in rural Wales.

Only the poor ride lets it down, but the creaking from the back end leads me to wonder what state the dampers are in. Perhaps a little expenditure would be wise. Here is where the difficulties lie. This meant to be a cheap, throw-away runaround. That wasteful style just isn’t me though!

The scary thing is that, along with the still-marvellous XM, it seems my last two vehicular purchases have actually worked out rather well – for a grand total of £675. Obviously, I’m ignoring subsequent expenditure of parts/labour there. I prefer man maths! Still, it’s a long time since I’ve been so happy about cars I’ve bought. Long may this continue!

What are your thoughts? Do share them!

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