Yes, it has been a week since my last post and no, I haven’t spent the whole time moping about the lack of 2CV action in my life. Even though it has been beautifully sunny!

No, I have instead been very busy just with general stuff. No time for moping! On Saturday, I drove all the way to Pride of Longbridge with a friend in his Austin 3-Litre (and I spent much time driving it), then there was plumbing, mirror-fixing and XM tyre swapping on Sunday, before driving 200 miles to Swindon and back yesterday to inspect a minibus.

Austin 3-Litre provided some classic thrills. An intriguing car

This week, I’m very busy with community minibus doings and writing work, so Blog postings may well be somewhat reduced, for which I can only apologise. It’s all good though, and I’m hoping for some very positive news on the writing front going forward. We shall see how 2015 pans out, but it’s certainly looking to be better than 2014. Which is nice. Thanks for reading.


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