What day is it again?

It seems that things are all over the place at the moment, including my sleep patterns. If you know why I woke up before 5am this morning, dreaming of Robin Williams starring as a serf being picked on by the landed gentry in medieval times, then I welcome an explanation.

Perhaps it’s over-stimulation on the car front. Let’s examine the evidence. First of all, I dash off to Liverpool to acquire more tat (a week ago already!). A few days later, I headed off to the Forest of Dean for sunroof change antics, which also involved exposure to a Messerschmitt (second of the day), a Smart Roadster, some parts of a Bond Minicar and a Fiat 126 BIS all on one funky driveway. Not content with this, I drove up to Hereford and swapped the XM for the best courtesy car in the world thanks to my mate Pete. Can’t believe it’s two years since I last got to play with this magnificent steed.

Seabrook, yesterday

So, I’ve spent the week having terrible trouble trying to decide what to commute in each day. What a first world problem. The choices have been between cars with engines no larger than 847cc but all have strong cases for them. The 2CV is now well into its final month on the road, so clearly I need to drive it as much as possible while I still can. But the Ami is only here for a week (in theory) so I need to drive that as much as possible while I still can too. And because I’m pathetic, I can’t stand to have a car standing around outside not being driven, which is why I used the Perodua today – all dizzy 42bhp of it.

It’s all a bit over-stimulating, especially when you factor in trying to capture video evidence of various automotive antics (to appear at some undesignated point in the future), having a full-time job (that may or may not end up being permanent) and fitting in some writing work around all of that too. AND trying to find a suitable replacement bus for the community transport company I work for. It seems there are very few suitable buses anywhere near here. Anyone want a Merc Sprinter with a poorly rear axle? Oh, and I got a new mobile phone, which after several days, I still can’t use very well. I seem to have spent most of that time trying to disable annoying things.

Given how quiet the past four years have been, as I gently stagger out of bed, usually in the morning, and put finger to keyboard to work when I feel like it, this has all been rather a shock. Uncertainty was always there – it’s a natural part of freelancing – but uncertainty seems to have been even more uncertain this year. Or has it? I really can’t tell anymore. Once you’ve woken up dreaming of Robin Williams, it’s hard to know what’s going on.

Normal service to be resumed next week. Probably. I think I need a holiday.

One thought on “What day is it again?

  1. I am a free-lancer too, so I know about the daily routines in this job. Getting up in the morning when you feel like it, spending time in front of the keyboard when you feel like it and the best thing: You don´t have to sit in an office with other people you don´t like.

    The uncertainty has never been a big problem for me, but now Missus Lukas and I are having a baby soon and I don´t know how long I may be able to keep this lifestyle I love so much. My biggest fear is having to try to fit into a job where you have to be in the office at 8 am with people I dont like and where I am “allowed” to go home at 5 pm. 5 days a week. For little more than I earn with free-lancing at the moment. Sounds horrible to me.

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