Collection Capers – here we go! Tomorrow.

Ah, it’s that time again. A vehicle has been identified. It isn’t yet paid for, but I reckon a deal is likely. A train has been booked to go and see said vehicle – £23 to travel over 100 miles doesn’t seem bad to me. It will be interesting to see how much it costs to get back home again. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow!

The romance of the train - reflections on a journey

The romance of the train – reflections on a journey

Naturally, my finances haven’t recovered dramatically overnight, but gaining some additional employment has certainly given things a helpful leg-up. But the potential purchase has been driven by the need to temporarily replace the 2CV, for as little expenditure as possible. Sadly, that means that while I would love an Ami or Dyane, I have a few hundred quid to spend, not a few thousand.

Now, I’m quite used to dabbling in the poor end of the market. I enjoy seeing how much I can get for how little. Sure, it’s a risky old place and you need to have your wits about you – I actually refused a car last year! Yes, it was too bad even for me. It is very challenging to find a car that’s small, very simple and in good condition though. What tends to end up in the bargain basement is clapped out luxobarges that folk are terrified of, or stuff that really is on its last legs.

Time will tell whether I’ve made a good call this time or not, but I very much look forward to finding out. I quite enjoy train travel on occasion, especially when there could be a treat at the end. I say a treat – I’ll hopefully be driving home in something with an engine not massively larger than the 2CV’s and which was summed up by most magazine tests as best kept in town rather than the open road. It was panned for its shabby interior, lack of refinement and bouncy ride. Should be an entertaining drive home then!

With luck, I’ll be live tweeting my adventures through the day. I’m due to meet the new steed at 1406hrs. Stay tuned!

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