2CV: Decision made after a roadtrip

I first hinted in December last year that I might have to get rid of the 2CV. This weekend, I’ve reminded myself why that hasn’t happened yet!

After a barren year for 2CV-related activities, I decided it was time to pack the tent and actually drive my 2CV to a field – in this case Stratford-upon-Avon Racecourse, where the Citroen Car Club was holdings its annual Midlands-Section rally. The thought of meeting up with a group of 2CV chums (who hadn’t attended the previous year) was truly exciting. I loaded the 2CV with my feeble camping gear and headed off. On the way, a milestone was reached!

Another milestone. That’s 197,000 miles from new. 108,000 in my ownership

As you can see, this really does prohibit a sale. She’s now less than 3000 miles away from 200,000 miles! So, that’s it. I’m committed. The MOT is up in April, so I’ve got to clock up 3000 miles before then. After that, I think a full body refurb is going to be on the cards. Perhaps by then I’ll be able to afford it…

I got to the event and began selling a few body panels so I could pay for camping.

At the racecourse, flogging bits

At the racecourse, flogging bits

This strategy worked so well that I came home with more money than I left the house with! Even factoring in fuel, this weekend seems to have roughly cost me nothing. Yeah, I know the panels cost something at some point, but it was ages ago and rates as ‘forgotten’ money. Therefore, it was all profit. In my mind at least…

The show was a little on the small side, but most Citroen groups were well represented. I’ll do a little show report at some point once I feel less shattered! Sharing a camping field with other scruffy 2CVs made me feel a lot better though. Proof that cars don’t have to look like show winners. In fact, I was greatly impressed with how fabulous and used the other 2CVs looked. Especially Neil’s yellow one, which travelled up all the way from Cornwall!

Used 2CVs look good!

Used 2CVs look good!

It’s wonderful to see 2CVs looking like they get plenty of use. It was an important reminder that there’s an awful lot more to cars than looking shiny! This pair tell a story with their odd paint finishes, dinked panels and crusty areas. Proof that age is not a bad thing, despite what TV ads try to tell us!

The 220-mile round trip certainly gave me a lot of time to think about my 2CV. I’ve already made the mistake of a full cosmetic overhaul. I won’t be doing it again. I bemoaned how scruffy she looked back in 2003, after her bodyshell had been thoroughly restored but looking back, I should have celebrated her looks! Stunning as she was after a complete rebuild, there was only one way for her looks to go after that. Downhill.

Elly after the first rebuild. Scruffy, but solid!

Elly after the first rebuild in 2003. Scruffy, but solid!

So, I shall focus on getting her solid again. I’m not sure how, and the tutting and sucking-through-teeth as my friends examined Elly’s rust-riddled bodyshell hint that major expense is needed. I will do it though. Elly must ride again! After all, if she can go 100,000 miles between rebuilds, that’s not so bad really is it?

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