BX – the clean up continues

I’m waiting for new parts to arrive for the BX, which means there’s little I can do at the moment other than clean it. This is no bad thing. The interior was a bit grim – which I had no problems with, as the Discovery had mould on the dashboard. Between us, me and my friend are utterly dreadful at preparing cars for sale.

There are loads of products available for cleaning interiors, but I find a damp, slightly-soapy cloth is all you really need. That and a good vacuum session made a world of difference.

BX inside

A simple clean makes such a difference

This interior trim was only available on the BX for slightly less than two years. It’s a lighter shade of grey than standard, and I’m not sure I’ve seen seats in that material before either. Sadly, they are starting to fray somewhat. I may need to cover them. Note also that I’ve given the door shuts a good clean. That always makes a difference too.

Earlier in the day, I set about trying to make the rear screenwash work. I quickly diagnosed a faulty pump, by wiring it directly to the battery. It seems utterly seized. You can’t get the things apart, so I’ve had to order a new one at £6. I set about some other minor tasks – adjusting the driver’s door striker so the door shuts more sweetly, and adjusting the rear wiper as it was not quite parallel with the base of the screen. Yeah, I know. Pointless detail.

I’m hoping a new engine mount will arrive today, which will hopefully cure the driveline shunt. A local garage will be having a look at the flatulent exhaust tomorrow, and then it’ll hopefully be ready for next week’s roadtrip to Kent.

What are your thoughts? Do share them!

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