Video: Daihatsu Sirion Review

Yes, another video. This time, I review my own 1998 Daihatsu Sirion 1.0+, mainly because I only have access to my own vehicles.

As the video says, the Sirion is a lot of fun. Not perfect by any means, but an entertaining little motor with lots of appeal. I’d recommend people to try one before they all disappear. That’s happening at quite a rate of knots because they do like to rot! Rear wheelarches, sills and in fact most of the back end will swiftly corrode if not looked after.

The Sirion was launched in 1998, making mine a pretty early one. As well as the thrummy little three-pot, you could get a 1.3-litre four-cylinder in the UK. In Japan, the Sirion was sold as the Storia. Bonkers Japanese market specials included 660cc, four-cylinder turbocharged versions with two or four-wheel drive. The Sirion carried many badges around the world, and was available as the Toyota Duet in some markets. Toyota took a controlling stake in Daihatsu in 1999 and sadly Daihatsu withdrew from the UK market in 2011.

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