More video: Nissan Bluebird Road Test

I know you’re all been waiting for this, perhaps the most exciting video of all time. A beardy-bloke drives one of the most boring cars of the 1980s.

I made this video in 2012, but it’s taken me a while to get around to processing it. Seeing as some liked my Goffey-esque ramblings in the Nissan Leaf video, I thought I’d serve up another, showing just how far Nissan has come since 1986.

Production values are as low as ever. I had no way of mounting the camera inside the car when I made the video, so it sits on a tripod wedged into the passenger footwell and I had to be careful not to tip it over while driving. This did happen. Several times.

What I didn’t acknowledge in the video is that while the first Bluebirds built at Sunderland were indeed little more than assembly jobs, by the end of the production run, it’s thought that somewhere in the region of 80% of the car was constructed in the UK. Sunderland remains a fine example of the fact that the British CAN build cars successfully – when the management knows what it is doing…

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