Cannot drive 2CV, do not like

On Thursday, I attempted to drive the 2CV for the first time since hitting my thumb rather stupidly with an axe. It did not go entirely well.

Just starting a 2CV becomes a challenge if you cannot use your left thumb. As it was, after more than a week of sitting around in exceptionally damp weather, Elly wasn’t awfully keen on starting. Fair enough. We should have cleared out the garage so she could hide in the dry. She got there eventually though and off I set, discovering that releasing the handbrake was now a struggle.

Things were ok at first but then I exited our village and had to select fourth gear. Again, this is very difficult to achieve if you have a damaged thumb as you need to twist the gearlever. My thumb was also getting perilously close to the dashboard every time I went for second. I was reminded how close your hands get to the windscreen at the top of the steering wheel too.

So, it was a frustrating experience overall and I was forced to conclude that 2CV hooning is just going to have to wait for my thumb to heal.

In other fleet news, the Discovery is away awaiting sill reconstruction prior to a bout of greenlaning next Saturday.  I can drive the Disco quite surprisingly easily with my bashed digit, which is some relief. The Sirion is also easy on the thumb and has now clocked up over 600 miles in a week. I’ll be off out in it again later. It is the perfect ‘jump in and go’ car.

Apologies for the lack of posts lately and the lack of pictures. Fleet shenanigans are largely on hold and I’m just sitting around trying to heal and not bash my thumb on things like logs and stoves. Not entirely successfully but we need to keep warm! Hopefully it won’t be too long before normal service is resumed.

What are your thoughts? Do share them!

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