Time for a fleet overhaul. Again…

This week, I am mostly plotting how to get rid of some cars. To start with, the hopeless Mercedes needs to go. Not content with running badly and seemingly having an engine temperature sensor not fitted to any other Mercedes-Benz, it has now decided to start dumping engine coolant into its gearbox. “The W124 was the last properly built Merc,” everyone tells me. I reply that if you built a car properly, you wouldn’t engineer in a situation where the engine can destroy the gearbox by filling it with water.


Disappointment personified

The problem is the transmission oil cooler, which is built into the radiator. It’s a perfect reminder that I’m way out of my comfort zone. I don’t like cars that have sensors or that require transmission coolers. I suspect it’s going to find itself on Ebay, fetching some pitiful amount but at least it won’t cost me any more money.

I’m a bit disappointed with the Mercedes to be honest – partly because it’s not that good and partly because I seem to keep thinking that I’ll like a large, thirsty car. Only an Alfa Romeo 164 V6 has lived up to expectation, but I’m not sure I’d be happy with one of those here. Big cars just aren’t what you need for twisty, narrow Welsh lanes.

I’ve also decided to move the 2CV project on to another home. I’m pleased to have got it running, but that really is just the very beginning of what’s needed. I don’t really need two rotten 2CVs and having decided that there’s no way I can wave goodbye to Elly, my long-serving 2CV, I need to focus my efforts upon her. I suspect it’ll be rather easier for the 2CV to find a new home, though I’m very keen for it to find the right one – I won’t just be chucking it on Ebay and hoping for the best.

If I can shift both cars, then it’s very likely that I will seek something else to add to the fleet. A small hatchback would be nice – with a Skoda Favorit high on the wish list. Which means I’ll probably end up with a Leyland-Daf pick-up knowing what I’m like…


2 thoughts on “Time for a fleet overhaul. Again…

  1. Small hatch? It’s gotta be a pikey-spec 205. Great fun to drive, Fix it with a knife-and-fork. Good looking. Don’t rot. Mechanical parts are bog-standard PSA parts-bin. What’s not to love about ’em?

    How quickly do you have to out the 2cv? I’m trying to resist it once we get moved in a month’s time… It’d be a really good “learn-to-weld” project.

    • A 205 is definitely on the ‘possible’ list. And not a GTi either. Owned a 1.0XE a few years back. Great little thing. The 2CV Project may have been claimed, but I can certainly add you to the reserve list if it hasn’t been.

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