Project BX: Bye Bye

Yes, I’ve done it. A sale has been agreed on the Mk1 BX estate. It’s going to a really good home, but I’m still a little sad that project fatigue and a lack of cash have prevented me doing more with it. I shouldn’t complain really. I got the car recommissioned and back on the road and working well enough to pick up two show awards! Ok, they were both for worst car there, but still – I’ve never been a prize winner before!

Bye bye

Bye bye BX. She’s off to a new home, but what will replace it?

It’s always difficult to keep momentum up with big projects, but the new owner has showed great ability with an equally shambolic GS so I wish him well.

So, that’s two cars culled from the fleet, leaving three vehicles. A very sensible number. So, naturally, I have already bought something else. It’s a British-built classic with a stunning blue velour interior. I’m not revealing any more details until I collect it on Sunday…

What are your thoughts? Do share them!

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