Project Budget 4×4: MOT time

Just a quick one today. Got the Maverick back after its MOT work. The good folks at Tsalta Motorsport sorted out two rotten sill ends and fitted a new rear brake flexi for me so it’s legal for another year for an all-in cost of £189.

In all, I reckon I’ve spent somewhere in the region of £1100 on this car, including buying it. Considering one car I looked at back in January was a rotten Land Rover Discover with issues galore and an asking price of £1800, I think the Maverick stacks up pretty nicely! Especially as the underside is in rather lovely condition. Must smear some more anti-corrosion wax over it…

Now, how long before I can get it out on the lanes again?

What are your thoughts? Do share them!

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