2CV – fun in the sun

It’s been a while since the 2CV has appeared on this blog and I apologise for that massive oversight. I’ve been rather busy with other vehicles and work, but that’s not to say that I haven’t been using the 2CV. In fact, the little Tin Snail has been very busy recently, reminding me why I love it.

When it comes to bombing around the roads of rural Wales, I honestly think there isn’t another car I would rather be in.

Citroen 2CV Dolly

For hurtling around Wales, few things can match a 2CV

That may seem a bold statement, but there’s a reason for it. For a start, much as I love TVRs, it would be left for dead by the 2CV on some of the twisty, trecherous mountain roads around here. It simply doesn’t have the ground clearance and with bends coming at you like a herd of demented cattle, there are few opportunities to exploit the power. You might as well have a mere 29bhp that allows you to keep your foot down.

So, with undulating roads, perhaps a 4×4 would be useful? Well, not really. 4x4s are big, bulky and generally don’t handle as well as smaller cars. If I was in one of those, I’d have to be seriously worried about meeting another car. The 2CV is skinny enough to nip past most things.

A modern supermini then. They’re nippy things aren’t they? Well, no. They’re heavy with city-friendly and therefore lifeless steering. Oh, and huge blind spots. I’m here to appreciate the view, so it’s roof back in the 2CV, which makes it easier to keep an eye on kites and the like. Well, until I got too cold…

Mix in the 2CV’s keen steering, sharp brakes and fabulous all-independent suspension and you’ve got an exceedingly entertaining machine that’s also very comfortable. Also, it took in a forestry commission lane (to a legit car park, don’t just go heading off down random lanes) and transported a household door. The 2CV may not be brilliant at everything, but it’s bloody good at a lot of things.

4 thoughts on “2CV – fun in the sun

  1. I think the early Mazda MX5 like the one I had loaned to me in the sunshine last week would do a good job. Remembering your narrow is best coments, from my own collection my Citroen Visa Diesel with large fabric sunroof beats the 2CV hands down! Yes a bit controversial as a statement and I know I am out numbered but the Visa does everything the 2CV does with more performance and better fuel consumption.

    • Certainly, there are lots of MX5s bombing around on those roads already (tourist season is upon us!) but the 2CV’s suspension still gives it the edge on some of the really bumpy bits. You don’t realise how bad the roads are until you travel in a non-Citroen…
      I can accept your point about the Visa, as the BX comes a close second for me. A bit wide perhaps, but – controversially – I reckon the BX was the pinnacle of hydro suspension. It’s not as soft and floaty as the CX/GS, which means it doesn’t get confused by hump-backs in the same way! The CX would crash onto its bump stops in a most alarming manner on the same roads…

  2. We could argue all day long but for a longer run I like my CX very much and have not suffered with poor suspension control. I have driven it on a Mira test circuit and the worst feature was the understeer.

    • The CX is great over most surfaces, but does get caught out over severe crests. The sort that make cars take off! I could slow down…
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