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Alternatively, HubNut does now have a Patreon account! I can pretty much guarantee that your donations will be spent on some terrible automotive machinery. Or my 2CV.

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Thank you for your support!

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78 thoughts on “Support HubNut

  1. Hi Ian – good luck with the crowdfunding. Ellie seems like a very good cause to me. Here’s my fiver – I hope it gets things going. Let me know if you need help with transport (you or the car). Cheers, Dan

  2. A few quid on its way because a man like you needs a 2CV in his life – good luck with Elly.
    ps.. if you need any free labour I’m not far from Citwins.

    • Thanks John! Today, I have delivered the bodyshell to Citwins. Rachel declines the kind offer. I think she wants Elly back too!

  3. Hi Ian, just been on PayPal to sign up to a 12 month subscription (which will be renewed. I find the videos both entertaining and informative. It was great to see TWC gain her first MOT pass in years. Wish I had the space to do it, because I’d like to be able to rescue another Invacar.

  4. Celebrating the mundanely scrumptious and all things in between and broadcasting it to the hungry masses is good enough reason for me to support your cause. My whip is a 98 punto but I’m insanely jealous of your 2cv Ellie. Great content keep it up, the internet is greatly improved concept because of it. Geoff aka puntomunto60 on autoshite.

  5. Hi Ian, discovered your videos last week and have really enjoyed them all. Loved the invacar and Dacia adventures. I’ve just ordered a couple of stickers, one each for my 1976 Alfasud ti and 1960 Borgward Isabella. Can’t wait for the next video.

  6. Ordered a couple of stickers Ian. (Tony in Staffordshire Moorlands). One for the back door of Nissan Primera Estate / the other for ? – who knows? I’m always on the lookout for something interesting 🙂 Used to have a caravan near Newquay WW. We can actually get to Spain much faster (haha). Tony.

  7. I order my “Mighty Dacia” t-shirt last week and I’m proud to support the channel. I wish your donate button could just accept straight PayPal payments as I would love to just send some spare cash from time to time as I get it. Also, wish you had an address(Post office box) so fans could send you things you need and want. The most professional, honest, creator on Youtube. Cheers from the United States.

  8. Good afternoon Ian came across your you tube Chanel about 6 weeks ago now I can’t get enough of your videos it’s great to see such genuine videos and none of the hype from other big names keep up the brilliant work ian and looking forward to all the future videos I’m now off to look at the shop and support also will get round to supporting by donation as well also best regards to Mrs Hubnut
    Best wishes

  9. Done. Subscribed a few months ago thanks to a friend sharing some of the YouTube videos.

    Excellent fun and worth paying for!

    Plus if you ever fancy road testing a VW Type 181 there’s one in Somerset if you’re passing :-£

    Thanks and keep up the great work!


  10. Hi Ian, I’m restoring an Invacar Mk12b and I’m desperate for a rear drum which is the same as the Model 70. Please could you put me in touch with someone who might have one? Or do you have a spare?
    Regards, Jon

  11. Have just found hub nut, and think it is fantastic, very entertaining. I am almost seventy and have been driving since i was 17 years of age. Have driven all sorts of crap cars over the years, but now have a Honda Jazz, CVT. So very interested in the invalid car. (I can remember them).

  12. I thought I’d share a story with you, and although I would prefer to email it this avenue will suffice. Last October 2017 I had some abdominal surgery. The surgery went fine, no worries, but due to the length there was a side effect from the anesthesia. As I was on an IV to prevent dehydration after a while hydraulic pressure built up but I was unable to relieve it due to the muscles being locked by the anesthetic. Eventually a catheter was used, an without going into details I’ll state there was a good deal of pain and some blood although the immediate objective was achieved. After 2 more repeats it was decided to attempt one non-invasive method to clear this up before more drastic measures were taken. This involved ramping the IV solution flow up to very high levels which caused the pressure to build up more quickly but also hopefully flushing any remnants of the anesthetic away. Ultrasound revealed my ‘tank’ had just under 1 liter in it so I was sequestered in the bathroom and they ran water outside etc. to help trigger a release. I was trying to think of everything I could to open the gates but nothing worked – waterfalls, rain, etc to no avail. For some reason I remembered the Renault R16 we had owned and the rather complex cooling system it had, including the little bleeder hose up at the right side of the engine compartment just under the hood. And remembering this loosened the floodgates! To this day I have no idea why but in all honesty I don’t care!

    The only downside to this was that they kept up the flow to clear things out so I was having to ‘go’ every 45 minutes while still connected to an IV, an EKG, Oxygen monitor, a pneumatic anti-blood clot device on my legs, and a CPAP. By the time I got disconnected from bed, emptied out, and back in bed and connected, there would be only about 20 minutes before the next go. So I didn’t get any sleep for 3 days. It was SO good to get home.

    So I hope I gave you a chuckle or at least a smile. Carry on the good work, I enjoy your work!

  13. With your background, I’d say Youtube’s the way to go.However, you are a talented wordsmith so please keep your hand in somehow, after all, we still like glossing over magazines! You live in a great remote location so having a few cars could be handy especially ones you can fix yourself! I like the self reliance theme which you are both nurturing, it wouldn’t do any harm to give us the odd update. Also am interested in Ivor the (passing) engine and finally, do you have any garden?Oh, by the way, expect to see you in the next series of Y Gwyll ! Good Luck !

    • Thanks. More to come on home and maybe garden. Trains run again from next month and I’m planning to do a video on them. I think our time on Y Gwyll has come to an end.

  14. Hi my is John from wigan me and my son have Vauxhall caviars mk3 can’t that you have done a review on one yet if u want to do one email me back and we will sort it out

  15. Dear hub Nut. A note from USA Do not change a thing on your blog . I was lucky to live in the UK from 1980 to 1987 so cheers from America

  16. Hi , glad I found your vlogs on you tube via cortina city, great to watch and reminders of some gems I have owned and let go.

  17. Hello!
    A few ordered stickers arrived in Japan today. Very happy! Stick on my Renault twingo.
    I’m looking forward to your YouTube upload in Japan.
    I’m not very good at English so I’m sorry if it’s wrong because it’s a Google translation!

  18. Hi, Ian. I’m Mathew and I have to fully admit that ever since I first discovered you on your YouTube channel I’ve been an avid fan of your classic car reviews that you seem to do in a way that most people wouldn’t which is why I like people such as you being very truthful and faithful at reviewing all my favourite cars that were mostly made in the previous century. Whenever you do these videos of you expressing how much you love these old motors that truly deserve more recognition I feel as though that you’re even better than any of the other so-called petrolheads who only get to drive high end exotica just for the sake of gaining an ego boost while ordering food at a junk food outlet or just showing off as a whole. In other words, you’re simply the best, Ian! (Along with Steph from Idriveaclassic of course!)

  19. Hello mate,
    Not even sure how I come across your YouTube channel but glad I did, I’m now addicted to watching along with my best mate Buster who only came around to visit and we ended up sitting there watching for hours.
    Especially like the real road tests and have a soft spot for TWC as the lovely Toffee Apple man as we used to know him had one in the mid 70’s.
    Anyway have started supporting you via PayPal as want very much for you to keep up your fantastic channel..

  20. Hi Ian., and a big hello from one of your Hubnut fans.
    I’ve just received my HubNut keyring to keep my Hubnut face mask and Hubnut beanie company. I’m now thinking of buying some stickers as well.
    And please just keep those videos coming mate 👍

  21. Hi Ian, I sent an email to the hubnutmerch address the other day with something that might be of mild interest. If this is not a current email address do you have another?

  22. I started watching Hub nut due to my interest in 2CVs.Whilst in the main they are interesting, especially the voyage to Croatia, there are many moments that make me scream Idiot!
    For example why had you not fitted an electronic ignition to the car,so much more reliable.
    How is it that your checking is so random eg a rotten circlip on the fuel tank filler hose!
    You forgot some basic tools.Diagnosing the size of the oil leak seemed to take an age.You seem to drive the Car too fast..They’re comfortable at 50- 60 mph and more economical if only the first choke is in operation.How come you put up with your camping hut with no curtains fitted?
    On the positive side enjoyed your trip to the Daf museum .It would be interesting to see an in depth comparison of the Daf and 2 CV air cooled motors.
    What happened to your trip to the Burton Factory?
    You are quite hard to contact.. I do not like social media so do not subscribe as one gets drawn into Google etc and do not wish to engage with them any more than is absolutely necessary

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