2018: YouTube takes off

You’ve probably noticed it’s gone a bit quiet on here. That was entirely planned. I think 31st December 2017 really marked the end of me using this Blog as a platform.

That’s simply because the HubNut YouTube Channel has taken off so well. It has several times the audience on the blog, and frankly,  I’m struggling to keep up with the comments at times.

The ride of the video channel is very rewarding, and represents about four years of my hobby time. From my first drive in an electric car, to the utter failings of an Invacar, there’s a right mix of content, which is just based on whatever I have to hand at the time. There’s no plan, no script and precious little professionalism. It’s just a bloke in a shed.

Latest video, number 183.

The latest video has caused some upset, because of my ineptitude, but I’m not professing to be an expert here, showing people how it’s done. No, I’m recording the exploits of a complete amateur, like many drawn to older cars, just having a go.  People like the realism, which stands as a fine alternative to proper TV.

You see, the problem with TV is that it’s made by TV people, who always have to consider the wider audience. Specialising to the degree of my videos is just not possible. On the internet, people will either watch it or they won’t, so there’s much more freedom. I don’t depend on the income (useful as it has become lately), so it’s not the end of the world if a video doesn’t do well.

As of today, HubNut boasts over 1.6 million views, over 8300 subscribers and an increasingly engaged audience that provides instant feedback. To someone who has worked in magazine publishing for over ten years, this is a new and exciting development!

So, the blog will be retiring, sitting here merely as a placeholder to direct folk towards YouTube. I apologise if that comes as a disappointment, but it’s getting harder and harder to keep on top of absolutely everything. My creative energies are already split between two magazines and the videos.

Thanks to all those who’ve supported HubNut in the long term, going back to the ClassicHub days. It’s that feeling of having an audience, no matter how small, that has kept me going. All the best! Ian.

6 thoughts on “2018: YouTube takes off

  1. Ian,
    Already enjoy your youtube channel and whilst I’m sad to see the blog go (I first discovered you when I found reference to a recall part for a Sirion on Classichub, that my parents drove to Wales to get done for free – great advice!), I fully appreciate youtube is the way forward.
    All the best and enjoying the more frequent videos!
    PS. I may run into you at Cannock one of the weekends as I’m very local, but have not been up for ages!

  2. Thanks for the blog, I was a late but avid follower. Is there anyway to access the old content or does it still show up via an internet? Thanks again and I hope the YouTube channel goes from strength to strength.

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